Friday Evening’s Dinner

This has taken me every spare minute that I had today BUT am only a third of the way through as such.
Will hopefully continue tomorrow.

I met this delightful little girl clutching her Sasha in the queue on my way down to dinner and asked her mother if I could take a photo of her to which she agreed. (Un-named for security reasons although I do know it.)

On the right at the far side is Jenny Dickson.

Second in from the left is Gayle Rotheim with Pam Fielding on her left.

Laura Horner on the left, then Lorraine Tyler, Dee Owen and on the right is Gillian Nash.

Ann Deitchman on the left, Andrea Jaques next to her, then Paul Dooley with Laura Horner on his left.

Sarah Price in the middle with Julian Kalinowski on the right and a friend of his sitting in-between him and Sarah.

Connie Duhig on the right with Shelia Foery.

 (Afraid that I don’t know the names of any of the people below.

Second in on the left I think is Mary Hokke and sitting next to her on the right of the photo is Susan Kannenberg.

Jane Woodbridge and her husband, Les on the left with Patti Rose (who made the vest and running shorts festival outfit) and her sister, Mary on the right.

Francine (on the left) who always has the most wonderful and interesting photos after each and every festival that I ‘literally pour over for hours ‘ to gain as much info. as I can, never having been to a Sasha Festival. It gave me an excellent insight as to what was expected at this one. (I’m so sorry that you were unable to sit at my table that I was hostessing due to lack of space but pleased that Tina’s husband allowed you to have my/his gifts to try to make up for the fact that you weren’t able to be sitting with your friend Tina.)
Wonderful to see Wendy Preston (in the white jacket) from Australia here in the UK again. Would have enjoyed talking to you more and catching up on your news but time just seemed to fly by.

The teenagers and younger children had requested to sit at a table of their own which I thought was super idea so here are Betsy and Elle seen on the left heading this delightful younger looking very happy group.

Have not named (although I do know their names) for security reasons these younger children but if their parents would like me to please let me know or add them below in a comment.)


7 thoughts on “Friday Evening’s Dinner

  1. Kendal, these are wonderful photographs! I have so enjoyed seeing friends I know as well as friends that I have never met in person. I really feel as though I was there. It all seems so familiar in a way, just a different location. Thank you ever so much. Ellen

  2. Kendal your pictures are so good. It reminds me of all the lovely people I met at the festival.You are so good to have taken all these memories with your camera for me to see again.
    I must confess I was too busy taking it all in and chatting and did not even think to take pictures of the new Sasha friends I met and made but luckily It would appear that you were doing that for us.
    Many thanks Kendal for your camera magic.
    Sasha hugs Dee

  3. So many smiles. I cannot stress enough how much I am enjoying your posts. It is wonderful being able to put names to faces.

  4. Kendal, you are too sweet – your festival posts far surpass any I’ve ever done! Even having been there, it’s so much fun to see the event through the eyes of someone else. Thanks so much for sharing! And feel free to include “Boo” when labeling any photos you see fit, as she’s already identified on my blog by her nickname.

  5. I must identify the folks in the photo Kendal didn’t know anyone in…they are, from left to right, Pat Pellerito, Brigitte Schwitter, Hans Hokke and Michaela Clarke. MANY of us purchased dolls form Michaela back when she was a Gotz dealer (1995++). The FOLLOWING picture (left to right) has a brunette I can’t identify, then Mary Hokke, Myself (SusanLK) and then Michaela’s charming daughter, AMY Clarke, who visited me (SusanLK) 10 years ago in the USA. Definitely a wonderful reunion!!!

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