My Festival Gifts

I have told myself that I’m NOT allowed to have any trying-on sessions or play with any of the festival or my sales table clothing buys until I have added many more of the festival photos to this blog for others to see.
(Hoping that this will spur me on to post more and faster… as I’m also being side tracked with the fabulous tennis on Wimbledon…never mind my real life jobs and needs.

Guess who?!

The festival track suits made by Andrea of The Doll Works came in red, white and blue.
The running vest and shorts were made by Patti of Sashawardrobe.

Many thanks to you both.

I think that I’m correct in saying that Dawn re-searched and ordered the tote bags, lanyards, auction numbers, track shoes, sports bags and medals and had the festival mugs and biros made.
Rosie Shortell designed the sweet little carrier bags that the shoes and socks came in (and as I have previously mentioned the festival journal.)
Dawn’s husband very kindly packed everything into the Union Jack Boxes and bags. Many, many thanks to you all.

The red and white track suits had the zipped sport’s holdal with the red handles and the blue tracksuits had one with the blue trim.


10 thoughts on “My Festival Gifts

  1. Brilliant post again Kendal. Henry was wishing his gift was the blue tracksuit & bag, but I reminded him, he should be grateful that he got a red tracksuit as some on our table missed out! He is looking forward to wearing his gear when we go and see the gymnastics.

  2. A wonderful post Kendal! These gifts are fantastic and I’m in love with everything I received. I’m very grateful to all those who worked on each one of these fabulous items… and the outfit is perfect… especially with the Olympics being held in England this year. A very big thank you to all the names mentioned above… BRAVO… !
    You are lovely Kendal dear… and you have displayed your bounty of festival gifts in a very eye-appealing way… arranged *just so*… very nice indeed! Many thanks for your efforts here.
    Hugs, -Anne

  3. Lovely to see a photo of you Kendal … and just look at those beautifully wrapped hostess gifts on your table! Love how you have displayed all the festival souvenir goodies … Hope you managed to watch Wimbledon today !! I wont say anymore incase you’ve taped it and are watching it later .. love Cathy x

  4. Seeing your photo and reading your posts, I feel like I have almost met you. I do so love the souvenirs that you received.

  5. Lovely pic of you Kendal. Weren’t they super items for the Festival tote bags and what fun we all had.
    We shall try them all on when we come up. Lorraine is sending me dates to be confirmed. xx

  6. You look absolutely beautiful Kendal and thank you for such a great post. I’m still in awe as to how much work went into this festival down to the last detail, so congratulations to everyone involved. Love Jackie x

  7. Dear Kendal, your Festival posts have been very interesting to all of us who staid at home and wished they had gone!!! You have done a lot of work here and I should just like to say thank you. It has given me a good idea what a Sasha Festival entails. One can also see the huge amount of hard work that went into the exhibits and raffle prizes. Well done to all. xxx Karin

  8. This was privately emailed to me …

    ‘OK, wise guy, are you “Guess Who”? I’ve been thinking, whilst reading your blog, that, while the pictures are wonderful, they have one fault. And that is that, since you are taking them, you are never in them. I have so wanted to see you, having considered you a friend for years now. Please tell me – is that you??

    And thank you for naming so many other people whose names I see, whose posts I read, some of whose quirks I’ve come to know just a little bit.

    I don’t know how you find the self-control necessary to do all the painstaking work required to show us all your photos, but I’m awfully glad you do. Did Chon drive you to the Festival? Surely you didn’t drive yourself that long way?

    I do hope you had a really good time. We, your fans, are all reaping the benefits, as usual.

    Warmest regards, dear friend,

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