Children’s Fund Auction

This is going to be a long HAUL so shall be taking it in stages throughout the next two days as my eyes don’t like being on the computer for very long at any one time.

Pintucks and Rosebuds Party Dress and pants. Machine embroidery on fine lawn cotton bastiste by Karol C Gooch.

Unfortunately no infomation on these two.

Stained Glass Sasha and Gregor Panels donated and made by Karen Caldwell. These even came with wooden crate boxes and packaging that ensured safe transport to the winner’s home.

Midsummer Fairy Outfit donated by Anne Chandler.Includes a yoke dress with leaves, trimmed with dewdrop beads, a blossom hat, green leotard and ballet shoes. Translucent purple butterfly wings. (My apologies for the blurred photo.)

Casual Sport Outfit donated by Phyllis Goedeke. Outfit for all types of play in grey with pink and white trim, sneakers and headband.

All Checked Out donated by Thelma Holmes. High yoked dress in black and white check with Peter Pan collar and cuffs and full skirt with matching pants.

Lowell Festival outfit donated by Sally Christopher. Souvenir clothing consisting of dress. slip. pantaloons and apron. The dress ismade from rough cotton manufactured in Lowell durimng the time of the fabric mills.

Dollies in Devon book donated by Laura Horner. A limited edition book showing photographs of her dolls in various Devon Settings. Signed by the author.

Valentine’s Day donated by Millie Dingham. Detailed jeans with a bright red sweatshirt smocked with coloured hearts.

Pinky Minky outfit donated by Phyllis Goedeke. Dusky pinkfake fur coat, hat and muff made in Russian style with white button boots.

Sweet Dreams donated by Phyllis Goedeke. Dressing gown and bootees are in printed flannel with matching yellow nightdress.

Victorian Storybook Dolls donated by Tilly Masson. These dolls were crafted by Tina Richardson. They are identical and will be sold in a stand-up acution.

Bavarian Outfit donated by Beverly Schacht. Jacket and hat knitted in moss stitch with flowers embroidered on the pockets and a red trim to match the skirt.

Sunday Best donated by Dorisanne Osborne.Made by Prilly Charming, this pink outfit consists of a sleeveless dress, fur trimmed jacket with long socks and shoes.

Pretty Baby outfit donated by Phyllis Goedeke. Baby outfit is a plisse and lace one piece sleep and play suit in multi coloured heart print with matching bonnet.

Royal polka dots Play Suit donated by Phyllis Goedeke. Blue playsuit with hat and white sandals, blue lens sunglasses and suede bag.

Blue Velour Dressdonated by Sally Christopher. Dress is fully lined and has lace trim and silk ribbon embroidery trimmed with beads.

Winter Green Set donated by Betsymay. Patterned dress has pink smocking and matching underpants and green knitted stockings.

Winter Outfit made and donated by Sheila Foery. Mauve woollen coat with velvet collar and matching beret lined in printed material with matching dress. Shoes, socks and felt toy complete the outfit.

Donated by Virginia Myers. Formal two piece dress in yellow and white with a three tired skirt finished on top in gold organdy. Bodice in fine yellow cotton trimmed with lace.

Doll and outfit donated by Jackie Kraemer. Brunette Sasha Doll with non falling hair dressed in a pink cotton dress. white edged lace petticoat and pantaloons. Socks and shoes.

Donated by Judith Easthope of Dollydoodles. Baby sleepsuit and hat made from cream cotton jersey with tiny grey stars and decorated with a machine embroidered teddy motif.

Chinese Sisters Outfits donated by Phyllis Goedeke. Both outfits have patterned tunics and matching trousers with authentic style straw hats.

Little Trendon Black Baby donated by Anna Doggart from her mother’s collection. This was won by Sarah Price to give to her daughter Cleo, as she has been after one for several years. Sarah thoughtfully asked Anna to sign the box at Sunday’s breakfast. I was sitting next to Anna (and Sarah is one of my best friends!) but didn’t think to get my camera out to take a photo of the signing. How stupid am I? Am still cross with myself!

Green leather Sandals donated by Rosie Bloomfield.
Party time dress in Liberty vintage fabric and knitted cardigan donated by Catherine French with blue suede shoes donated by Jean Jenson.
Three ski sweaters and hats donated by Freda Ainslie which were sold by stand up bids.

Fairy Quilt donated by Susan L Kannenberg. A Cicely May Barker design. A nine block fairy quilt with fairies and dust enhanced with crystal beads in the quilting.


5 thoughts on “Children’s Fund Auction

  1. I wish I could have bid on so many things my dearest friend. I loved lots of items but SO wanted that baby for Cleo and I can always bring her up with Cleo for you to photograph. She needs to meet her cousins in the Hackney Household anyway! Love Aunty Sarah xx

  2. An amazing task… how I admire you! This is going to be “a long haul” as you said, seeing how there had to have been over 100 donated items… ! Your photos are crisp, clear and close-up… so we can see all the detail in these beautiful creations from very generous and talented people… representing seven countries.
    Lovely and unique items… my sincere “Congratulations” to all the winners… !
    Hugs, -Anne
    p.s. Thank you Kendal… your photos and written coverage here is wonderful.

  3. Brilliant photos Kendal, lovely to see these items close up, especially as I never got a chance to have a good look at them prior to the auction. Although got to see a few of them once they had sold on the undressing and packing table! love Cathy x

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