Amelia, the All American Girl Raffle

I saved posting this until today being the Fourth of July and American Independence Day.

This was an unexpected surprise raffle that was bought over by one of the people attending the festival having been previously put together by some generous, kind and very thoughtful Sasha Collectors (includimg many that couldn’t make it to the festival.)

The following photos show Cora, now named Amelia, with her truly fabulous wardrobe to cover every occassion, eventuality and need.
Wishing mine was as versitile!

On one of the corners of the display there was a map on which was written the names of these contributers and where they live. I have tried to make a list here (but there might be one or two wrongly spelt names and for which I apologise in advance.)
Jean Jenson and Sally Christopher from Washington. Monica Jarpog from Minnesota. Tina Gross from Michigan. Charla McQuirre-Neal and Izzy Sanucci from Ilinois. Karen Warnake. Carmen Murphy, Ann Chandler, Phyllis Godeke, Carolyn Campbell and Meg Richardson. Linda Hord from Texas. Pat Pellerito. Erica Mcleod from New Zealand. Holly Marano, Jackie Kraemer, Laura Linberg, Karen Watson, Marti Murphy and Judy Pike all from Arizona and Millie Dingham who travels so no fixed abode.


I can see a pair of Jean Jenson’s superb shoes here plus a delightful dress by Tina Gross with her accompanying trade mark of a soft toy.

Super cowboy outfit for those Rodeos and Square Dances.

These white boots look to me like another of JJ’s contributions.

Very smart best navy wool coat and hat outfit and knitted skirt and top and more JJ shoes to compliment these clothes.



I’m pretty certain that the white smocked blouse and gingham skirt is by Millie Dingham.
Fabulous barbeque. (I have a black one but mine is slightly taller in height.)

Great Tommy Hilfiger track suit and the more formal and dressy white dress with the red /white trim.


Super named tote bag. Love the ‘squared’ dress that she is wearing.

Three pairs of beautifully knitted socks!

Great beach set and very trendy necklace.

Fantastic quilt. Super blazer and skirt set too. Gosh, yet more of JJ’s shoes and handknitted socks.

This marvellous raffle was won by Laura Horner from Devon. Lucky, lucky her!

Our thanks to everyone involved for this superb raffle.
(Have left some letters in above the photos so that I can easily add any info. that comes in afterwards.)


10 thoughts on “Amelia, the All American Girl Raffle

  1. Great photos Kendal of a very *All American* raffle prize… just in time for the July 4th celebration… which happens to be today!
    The group of women who put this prize together did an extraordinary job with their red, white and blue theme… my compliments to each and every one of them. Being from the USA… it makes me very proud, indeed.
    Amelia has *everything* and is *outfit ready* for all seasons… with her extensive *designer* clothing wardrobe. Hmm, she could be a *cover girl*… she has that *look*!
    I sat at the table of the winner, Laura Horner, who was shocked to have heard her named called out… her facial expression was absolutely *priceless*. I know Laura personally, and she *loves* accessories so I think its fitting she won… knowing too, that Amelia went to a wonderful home with a Mummy who will totally love and enjoy her… and take her many many photo-shoots. Congratulations Laura… !
    Hugs, -Anne

    • whoops… small error… due to jet lag… last sentence should read:
      and take her *on* many many photo-shoots.

  2. Isnt it great when everyone has a mutual appreciation day? It was wonderful to see the great prize that was donated by the USA ladies and all the effort that was put into it. Also I have to agree with Anne that Laura winning was wonderful as she will truly appreciate it and she did donate the wonderful piece of art by Mr Morgenthaler so it was truly karma.
    I would have loved to have owned a little barbeque like the one in the prize. It was marvellous. Super pics as always Kendal. xx

    • Totally Sarah… it was truly karma! Not only did Laura donate that beautiful framed sketch… she also donated her lovely book titled “Dollies in Devon”… showing photographs of Laura’s dolls in various Devonshire settings… which fetched a nice amount for Dawn’s charity.

  3. Thank you again, Kendal, for the wonderful coverage of the festival. I was so happy to see all the lovely items in this raffle. Such wonderful items for a grand 4th of July celebration. Don’t miss Laura’s blog site to see all the raffle items and Amelia in full holiday action. Such fun! Ellen

  4. It was such a wonderful raffle prize and especially fabulous that Laura won it. I can’t wait until the next time I go down there with some of my ‘kids’ so we can have a jolly good play!

  5. Great pictures Kendal!! Thank you so much for all of these excellent postings and lovely pictures from the festival! It was so great to meet you! Love, Tina

  6. Thank you, thank you, thank you, Kendall, for taking such wonderful pictures of the details of the Amelia American Girl raffle! It was soooooo fab!! I’m going to have another look at all those wonderful items for Amelia. Congratulations Laura, what a wonderful win and thanks foe all who donated everything! Diane R., USA

  7. I’m speechless to see such incredible talent and flair ~ what a spectacular prize! Congratulations to Laura, she must be thrilled to bits! x

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