Names and faces…

A few of the attendees who allowed me to photograph them so that I could put names to faces for the future.

After saying ‘Hello’ to Dawn and Marie Morgan, Ruth and Lisa Hartley seen below, were the next two people that I saw. I first met them about ten years ago when we both arrived one after the other at Dawn’s first Sasha fun day and have remained good email friends ever since.

Sarah and Cleo Price. Sarah is one of my very ‘bestest’ Sasha friends and they both came racing down from their room to welcome me as I arrived.

Anna Page. I have a lovely photo of her young daughter clutching her Sasha Doll that I’m just trying to locate amongst the hundreds of photos and whom I met in the queue on the way down to Friday’s dinner…so watch this space.

Susan Bulger Pomeroy. Another of my internet (until last weekend) Sasha friends from Ireland. Susan collects only the Sasha babies and has 35-40 (and one Gregor who keeps them in order.) Susan nearly didn’t make it to Stratford as a month before she was rushed into hospital with acute respiratory failure but luckily an extended strong course of Steriods and antibiotics allowed her to drive over with her husband and two sons. She is seen her with her little black minty baby called Kendal (as I helped her with a little advice as to whether or not to buy her.)

Jane McLuski

Angi Hale

Cathy Buckley-Mellor and one of her dolls from her delightful collection. I have met Cathy a couple of times before at Dawn’s Sasha Fun Days and love her always happy, full of fun facial look.

Cathy’s daughter Betsy. This I think is a fabulous side view photo of Betsy with this almost ‘film star’ pose. Betsy is a really talented art and craft making person and regularly features her works of art on her mother’s blog.

Paula Morton and her daughter Elle. Paula is Cathy’s Sasha friend and Elle is Betsy’s.

Jenny Dickson and her attractively dressed doll who sat opposite to me on the Saturday luncheon and very kindly bought me a piece of the festival cake to save me struggling up from the table. Thanks again.

Tina Gross and her husband with her delightfully dressed Frido Sasha. Don’t they make an attractive and colour co-ordinated couple, reminds me of the days when my husband and I would, if possible, colour-co-ordinate when were going out together somewhere special.

Gayle Rotheim and her customised by Kelly Wenarsky pale skinned Gotz doll.

Denise/Dee Owen and her delightful Frido Dungaree girl. Dee writes the most amusing little Sasha/Gregor related stories on her blog Sasha Village.

Gillian Nash and her lovely Trendon doll, Cora.

Sue McFarlane (left) Connie Duhig (centre) Geraldine Brot (right)

Ann Deitchman from Califoirnia who I was particularly looking forward to meeting and thanking her for her wonderful comments on my blog. It’s people like her that really spur me on to add more posts. I do enjoy listing them but it is very time consuming.

Christina Meatyard (One of Dawn’s festival deputies.)


7 thoughts on “Names and faces…

  1. Thank you a million times over for these wonderful photographs of the participants. At long last I am able to associate the face of some of those ladies with whom I have long had email connections. The photos are brilliant in capturing their expressions and the fun of the moment. Ellen C.

  2. The lady you have done a blank on is from Ireland and now I have gone blank too!!
    She is really lovely and I’d like to meet her again.
    It will come to me…..
    Thank you dearest friend and see you soon.
    It has spurred me on to lose this post ill health weight! Absolutely scary!!!
    Love from Cleo and I to you and Chon and all the Sashas xx

  3. Im sure the lady is Michaela Clarke…
    Feel free to correct me if Im wrong as I am totally dreadful with names…Lol!
    Im off to get wood for the doll room to have another shelf above the other door lol! xx

  4. How wonderful to see a few faces and of course, all lovely as Sasha collector’s are! Thank you also for showing the festival which is some compensation for not being able to go and much appreciated! Love Jackie x

  5. Lovely, beautiful, generous, kind, smart, artistic and mega-talented… what a fantastic group this is… and the above photos are only a handful of the festival attendees… ! It gave me much pleasure to meet *almost* each and every one of these Sasha lovers! Ohh, how I miss you all… !
    Hugs, -Anne
    (A very nice idea to take and share these photos Kendal… good job!)

  6. Whoops… in my jet lag haze… I completely forgot to mention how wonderful it was to see the husbands/partners who were *able* to attend the festival, whether registered or not, and observe their support and attentiveness to their spouses… “way to go boys!”
    Hugs, -Anne

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