Baby Layette Raffle

I must apologise for the lack of the large photo showing the full display as unfortunately there was always too many people gathered around viewing it everytime I managed to go in there so couldn’t get the distant shot that was needed.
Christina Meatyard was in charge of putting this raffle together after Rosie Shotell had donated the baby Sasha and I think that I’m correct in saying, that her crib was provided by Dawn.

Each item was bagged and labelled with the name of the person who had donated it thus making up this truly wonderful and attractive prize.

Joyce Jordan won this raffle and I’m so pleased for her as, as she was buying her tickets she told me, that like so many of us, that she had never won a raffle before.

From the looks of things this little tot is not going to want for anything in her first year or so  of her life.

I must apologise for the room’s lighting catching the polothene bags in places and making them shine so as not to be able to see the full detais as clearly as I would have liked BUT in the case of newborns it is essential that everything is kept sterile and protected from any dust, dirt and germs.

Many thanks to all the kind and most generous collectors for their contributions making this a truly delightful raffle.

Below are a second set of similar photos that I took just in case some of the wonderful items have less ‘shine’ on their packages and so show up the details more.


5 thoughts on “Baby Layette Raffle

  1. Thnk you so much Kendal for displaying all the wonderful items in this raffle prize. I can’t tell you how thrilled I was to be the winner. Everything is exquisite and I weill treasure it always. The Baby is named “Rosie” and Thank you everyone who contributed and making my First Festival truly wonderful.

  2. Congratulations to Joyce!
    What a lucky little baby – my Sasha babies, like their human brother and sister before them, are make do and mend babies – nothing like such beautiful possessions as Rosie owns. What is really great is that she will never grow out of any of her layette items.
    Kendal, you make it feel as though I was actually at the Festival, with all your lovely, close-up photos. Thank you!

  3. Beautiful items. I’m not into the babies but these photos of the appealing accessories could make me change my mind.

  4. I was sitting at the same table as Joyce when she won this raffle prize and her facial expresssion was *priceless*… !
    Congrats to you Joyce… Baby Rosie is *very speical* and I know she will love you for a Mummy… !
    Lovely photos Kendal of a precious baby girl with a beautiful and awesomely complete layette… pink never looked so good… !
    Hugs, -Anne xx

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