The New Sasha Book….and the Sasha Doll boxes

Another guest speaker on Friday evening was Ann Chandler who introduced their latest Sasha Book.

‘This second book of the series of four is by Ann Chandler and Susanna Lewis, with Anne Votaw. Published by Three Anns Publications, 2012. ISBN: 978-0-9849279-0-6. Price $50.00. The book is hardcover with dust jacket, 9×12 inches, 144 pages plus pattern sheets, full color.
In this exciting second volume about Sasha dolls, we take you into the amazing world of clothing worn by Sasha Morgenthaler’s captivating studio dolls. We bring you a very large collection of knitting and sewing patterns inspired by the 20 inch studio dolls’ wardrobe, but resized to fit the serie girls, boys, toddlers and babies. All of Sasha’s clothing themes are represented here, including the classic, farm, existential, and ethnic styles. The book includes 80 knitting and 60 sewing patterns, 30 embroidery and smocking patterns, and four very large pages (26 x 36 inches) of full size sewing patterns. There are more than 300 photographs of serie and studio Sasha dolls to illustrate the clothing and to give you inspiration.’

The book can be ordered from Susanna’s website

The final speaker was this gentleman (afraid that I don’t remember his name) who told us all about the interesting history of the Sasha boxes.


2 thoughts on “The New Sasha Book….and the Sasha Doll boxes

  1. I think Ann is a fantastic woman… and I love her passion for Sasha. You really need to hand it to her for coming all the way to Stratford-upon-Avon, England (from the USA) for the 30th annual Sasha Festival. She is a gorgeous 80 years young… and I admire her tremendously. She’s an excellent writer and streamstress… and has contributed greatly to the Sasha community for a very long time.
    I will be ordering this book shortly… to accompany the prior book that came out last year around this time. We are so lucky to have the 3 Ann’s in our midst. They are certainly satisfying my hunger for more information regarding Sasha Morgenthaler dolls and her beautifully designed clothing.
    Thank you Kendal for highlighting this 2nd and long awaited book.
    Hugs, -Anne
    p.s. And, a nice photo of the *box/package* man. We have him to thank for all our Sasha boxes and tubes.

  2. May I ask you if there will be another Sasha doll Festival in England in the near future? It would be wonderful to be in such pleasant company! Best wishes… Alison

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