The Posters displayed around the room

Some of the mountboard posters displayed around the room.

Would have loved these for my house!

Gregor, Sasha and baby.

1981 Limited edition Velvet (5000 planned and made.)

1982 limited edition Pintucks (6000 planned 4600 made.)

1983 Limited edition Kiltie (4000 planned and made.)

1984 Limited edition Harlequin (4000 planned 2500 made.)

1985 Limited edition Prince Gregor (4000 planned 3000 made.)


One thought on “The Posters displayed around the room

  1. Agreed, I would love to have these poster-boards too… especially the colored ones. Their large size makes quite a statement and I thought it really gave the room a bit of flare… *a la Sasha style*… !
    Thank you Kendal for taking photos of these poster-boards and featuring them on your blog, as I was hoping they would *not* be overlooked.
    Hugs, -Anne

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