Sasha hair slides….My 600th blog post!

The Sasha girls are excited to see what’s in this little box that has just arrived for them.

One of the girls (a very pretty 1970 Trendon blonde Gingham wearing a beautifully smocked and made dress by Jill Mackley of ‘Frocks and Socks’ for my birthday present) carries in it in from the hall….

…and opens it up for all of them to see. Inside are four delightful tiny hair slides.

Lorraine sent me these delightful little hair slides for my Sashas as the third part of my birthday present.
Many, many thanks indeed!

My girls too wish to thank you very much indeed, Auntie Lorraine.

Below we see a few of the girls wearing them. First to try one on, in the shape of a dainty little butterfly, is my 1966 Frido Developmental red head Dungaree girl as she felt that the slide colour went perfectly with her Dollydoodle hoodie.

Next in turn is my little 1970 Trendon brunette wide faced gingham waify tot in Sarah William’s open fronted dress …which was again a birthday present to me. Aren’t these birthdays GREAT! My Sasha Brood definitely benefit enormously from them thanks to my daughter and my wonderful Sasha friends. (The rest of my extra large family and I don’t exchange presents unless it’s a very special birthday number or they are under 21 years.)

The fabric of the butterfly is beautifully detailed with embroidery

The second little slide is in the shape of a flower in blue, green and yellow. This was quickly snapped up by my small 1969/70 minty blonde Gingham girl but who is seen here wearing another of vintage-sasha’s cute white collared and cuffed dresses.

Nestling in the centre of the flower there is a tiny sparkling diamond. The girls are absolutely thrilled with the sparkle!

The third and fourth slides are a matching pair in the form of a little silver bow with another tiny diamond in the centre seen here firstly on my Frido 1966 blonde Jeans Developmental doll.

She is wearing a very attractive dress by Egonbrookes in patchwork using silks and a selection of Liberty prints.

All the above photos were taken against the superb English country garden backcloth that Shelly so very kindly gave me for my birthday. Many thanks again Shelly.

The pair of slides then went onto be worn by my Trendon 1970 wide faced girl who insisted that they matched yet another of my ‘gifted for a Christmas present’ vintage-sasha outfits.

I think that they look absolutely delightful on her too.

This was one of my rare eBay doll purchases.

I really need to maybe remove her faded lip paint one of these days.

As I mentioned in my title this was my 600th blog post and I hope that you enjoyed it on this our ‘World Doll Day’ as I’m afraid that I will have to take a break from blogging until after the festival as need to spend this next week trying to undo the damage that the recent high winds and rain have done to my garden and re-sow some more of the Runner Bean seeds which due to the latest cold spell haven’t all germinated. Plus it’s my daughter’s birthday the week of the festival.
Hopefully on the 24th/25th June I shall then start to list any of the photos that I managed to take during the shortened time (Friday afternoon to Sunday morning) that I will be at Stratford-upon-Avon….but I’m not holding out too much hope as my camera basically doesn’t take kindly to ‘snapping’ in artifical lighting unless it is on a tripod with a wide lens aperature (and I’m unfortunately not taking the tripod as I already have too much baggage with the sales table items.)


6 thoughts on “Sasha hair slides….My 600th blog post!

  1. Gorgeous photos Kendal, and I am so glad the girls like their hair slides. Everything they chose to wear looks so wonderful on them.

    I can bring a tripod to the Festival if it helps you out, just let me know. My husband is dropping me off at the hotel so can carry everything I need in for me.

  2. Hi Kendal,
    Congratulations on your 600th blog, and, many thanks for all of them. Your blog brings so much pleasure and fun to so many people and I personally look forward to logging on each day to see what’s new in my “bible”.
    Gorgeous hair slides what a lovely present from Lorraine and such a cute little carry box they arrived in.
    Susan xx

  3. Congrats on the 600th blog post… that’s quite an accomplishment… ! You are a fabulous blogger… many thanks for all your efforts… “you are tremendous… !”
    Party anyone? Such fancy and beautiful hair accessories… cradled in a sweet presentation carrying box… an absolutely delightful and useful gift… my compliments to Lorraine.
    Each one of your girls is dressed to the max with her color coordinating hair slide(s) and what little girl doesn’t like to have a bit of sparkle in her hair… the finishing touch to an outfit…. sweet! sweet! sweet!
    Thank you for allowing me to view your beauties… great pics… !
    Hugs, -Anne
    p.s. Your weather has been unbelievably bad for June… I saw video footage on the tv last night. Do hope the end is in sight… and the warm days of Summer will be arriving soon. Take care.

  4. Many congrats to you on your 600th post Kendal! Love all the photos of the girls with their pretty hair slides which of course co-ordinate perfectly with their outfits!! I need lessons from you, maybe you can give me a few handy hints at the Festival next week 🙂 I love the little gift box the slides came in. All your girls look super, my favourite pics though are of the last blonde girl, she’s gorgeous, her outfit and shoes all look super on her, I actually like her pale lips, I have a blonde girl with these pale lips also but she’s not as pretty as yours … sshhh though, don’t say I said! Cathy x

  5. Congratulations Kendal on reaching your 600th blog! What a wonderful achievement and many, many thanks for all the thought and effort you have put in to preparing and presenting so many delightful tales of your Sashas and Gregors. For those of us not able to go the Festival, I am sure that we will all be avidly waiting for your next blog no. 601 and many, many more please!

    Wishing you all a wonderful time in Stratford upon Avon.
    Love from Jill and Marley xx

  6. I enjoy your blog so much, Kendal!
    Phyllis in Dayton, OH (admiring your clothes, your kids, and your creativity!)
    wish someone was blogging about the Festival!

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