Our Jubilee Union Jack Bunting

We have bought some bunting to put up at our windows to celebate the Jubilee weekend.
Here we are stretching the first piece out on the lawn to see just how long it is.

Hold it really tightly then as I am going to pull it firmly from this end now. Are you ready?

There that’s got the in-between links straightened where they had been held together with the elastic bands.

More of the kids dressed in the Union Jack colours join them out on the grass to have a look as the second banner is unfolded.

Right I think that we just about have enough to go on the front two windows and the small window by the front door.

I think that we need to cut one of the lengths in half just where you two in the middle are sitting for the two smaller windows. The other one looks as if it will go across the front bay window perfectly.

Luke suggests that they start by putting it upon the front small window first as this will be easier only having only half the length to deal with and it’s not quite so high up for him to reach.

That’s right hold the net curtain out of the way. Thanks.

Can you pass me up some more of the blue tack please? This is the last one now on this window.

Oh, good because my arms are beginning to hurt me now.

Now to start on the big bay window. That will need the whole length of the eight flags. Can we have some more volunteers this time? Are you going to hold the net curtain out of the way.

Two of the girls decide to put the banner up on this window as the boys have gone out for a game of football.

You are holding on to me tightly aren’t you?

The small window by the front door had the last of the bunting added.

Front of the bungalow with our clear blue skies.

Photos of the front of the bungalow with it’s now decorated windows.

Here are some of us looking out of our Union Jack decorated windows.

Have a wonderful weekend everybody.


6 thoughts on “Our Jubilee Union Jack Bunting

  1. What a lovely post, I love the picture of the children altogether looking out of the window!
    Well Done You!!

  2. Gosh aren’t they good children helping to put the bunting up. Not always an easy job for sure. Looks like you have had some lovely sunny skies…it is just grey and wet down here.

  3. What a great project for the kids to help you with… hanging the Union Jack bunting in honor of
    the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee. Your bungalow windows are decorated beautifully… extremely tasteful and celebrational.
    Fab photos Kendal! Your kids did a super job… and so did you. My compliments… “BRAVO!”
    Hugs, -Anne
    p.s. An awesome red, white and blue (Union Jack) post… thank you!

  4. Loved this post! The brood helping unwind the flags and then helping put it up in the windows, balancing on the chairs so they can reach! and the other’s keep them steady while they balance.
    Then a great picture of them all in the window under the flags!
    And it was nice to see some blue sky even if It was only over your house..Lol

  5. Cerelia is visiting today and she says:
    ” i love the pictures that you did… and i like the girl keeping the other girl steady on the chair. and, of course, seeing the kids waving. also i like seeing the boys and girls on the grass preparing to hang the bunting.”
    love, Cerelia
    age 7

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