Down to the last three of my lads now…

My apologies for the long delay in introducing the next Sasha Brood Crew member, Jon, but I’m no good at doing anything in this intense heat so just spend the days trying to find somewhere cool inside to sit as I’m very prone to skin Cancer so try not to go outside in the sun unless absolutely necessary.
Jon, is an ‘only displayed’ 1969 Frido PJ lad who came in his tube, gold tag and complete original outfit. Unfortunately I don’t seem to have a photo of him when on Shelly’s website or as he arrived, which is most unusual. Must have completely forgotten in the Christmas/New Year busy time.

As soon as he spotted the other lads in their trendy Dollydoodle wear off came his PJs and straight into these jeans, hoodie, saggy beanie and gilet whilst he waited for his grey joggers to arrive from Judith’s.

He was my 2012 New Year Present from ‘me to me.’

He has a slightly younger look about him with his wider face so tends to go around with Matt and Ross, the two youngest lads.

Luckily it isn’t long before HIS very own gear arrives from Judith’s basics web page. I think that he really suits these shades of greys with his eye colouring.

It turns out that he is a very photogenic lad so I’m afraid that I set too and started to re-practise my photographic poses…..hence the following VERY many similar poses following….

…Though I would be very interested to hear of any that you were particularly taken with.

He is enjoying playing with The Brood’s space hopper and which certainly adds a much needed spot of colour to the all greys!

With the intense heat over the last week most of my boys decided to get out of their Dollydoodle trendy hoodies, joggers and saggy beanies and into some cooler Dollydoodle Summer wear.

Jon decided to go for this recently arrived grey/white tiny stripped T shirt with the attractive detail on the bottom hem and sleeve edges as we have decided that grey certainly IS HIS colour.

I’m hoping that he remembers to try not to get oil from the bike chain on his new outfit as he tries to repair their bike chain which had come loose.


7 thoughts on “Down to the last three of my lads now…

  1. Oh Kendal… Jon is so handsome! Every picture you took of him is wonderful.
    I agree completely, the *shades of grey* DD-wear goes ever-so-perfect with his eyes… love his tightly woven jersey saggy beanie. He has perfect face paint… lovely coral/peach lips. The wide faced dolls are quite *photogenic*… and Jon is cute! cute! cute!
    I really enjoyed the pics of him with his bicycle… he looks so *focused*… !
    Thank you for Jon’s story… you have the most gorgeous boys… !
    Hugs, -Anne

  2. Aw, Kendal! You just have to buy some more boys – I’ve so enjoyed seeing the lads so much that I don’t want the run of boys alone posts to end!
    Jon is gorgeous. I love the way his eyes seem to change colour, depending on what he’s wearing.
    Off to work hard on DH to get my boys out. The Sashas are almost all in storage whilst we have to keep moving out of our house, and I miss the boys more than the girls – sh! Don’t tell the girls!

  3. Another gorgeous boy indeed Kendal, Jon is lovely with his wonderful eye paint and wide face. I think all the photos of him show him off to full advantage but I like the one of him casually leaning against the wall hand in pocket holding his space hopper.

    Two more lads to go…can’t wait to see them!

  4. What a dish Jon is, he looks fab in the greys and great photos of him fixing his bike. I agree with you he is most definitely a very photogenic lad indeed! You’ve done better than me in this heat, well done for managing to do a blog post, its just been too hot here for me, havent posted anything for ages. Cathy x

  5. He is lovely Kendal! He reminds me of my 69 PJ boy Henry ( named after Mr Henry Basset) Love the picture of him with the bike. And we have the same choice in DD outfits, but my Gotz no nose is wearing mine. Henry is still waiting for his DD summer outfit 🙂 Poor Judith must be exhausted 🙂

  6. Another handsome lad Kendal. I love the pictures of him leaning against the wall and sorting out the chain on his bike.

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