Sixth Member, James

James was one of my very rare purchases off eBay as I was desperate to buy another brunette Gregor at the time to wear one of my new Dollydoodles jogger/hoodie outfits and Sashadolluk was on a ‘small out of action’ at the time so decided to take a chance on this Frido 1969 lad as I liked the overall look of him.

He came wearing this Sashawardrobe shirt and trousers outfit with, as I discovered later on, sandals by Rosie Shortell. (It is currently for sale for £10, BUT without the sandals, on Sashadolluk.if anyone is interested.)

I named him James (Jim) after my second boyfriend who was 6’2″ tall and very handsome and had just started doing his two years of National Service.
I was 17-18 at the time and still at boarding school but he came to vist me there with my parents (and my youngest brother and sister) and the girls there thought that he was ‘swooningly’ fabulous, (‘very cool and fit’ would describe him nowadays.)

Here he is in his Dollydoodle wear, second in from the left.

He changed into his new allotted Dollydoodle OOAK navy/white stripped hoodie made from a pique material (ribbed cotton material like Sam’s grey with a wide black strip) teamed with some navy jersy joggers and red beanie hat to match his red converses to add a slash of colour.

As you can see he is quite a minty conditioned doll with attractive face/lip paint.

Without his red beanie hat showing howe his hair naturally parts at the front.

For his birthday I bought him this OOAK mid blue/grey stripped short sleeve hoodie Dollydoodle outfit.

I love this grey/navy stripped T shirt. Naturally a Dollydoodle special!

Here he is in his Dollydoodle Summer time wear.

He is excellent at ‘space hopping’ and practises at every spare minute available.


10 thoughts on “Sixth Member, James

  1. I am just so loving all the posts of your gorgeous lads Kendal. It makes me want to add to my collection even though I’ve just had to sell some…I wish I hadn’t. He is really gorgeous as well and looks great in his outfits. I missed Judith’s last update sales – the day I went down to Devon and the one before, so it is still only Henry that has a Doodle outfit. My other boys are complaining, especially after seeing all your lads kitted out!

  2. He is another stunner Kendal. What a good purchase from Ebay, love all his Dollydoodle outfits and especially the little splash of red. All the background info is very interesting to.

  3. Hello James! My Gregors want to know if you have any blond brothers? There are more brunette boys here – I do show some favouritism, I’m afraid, but we have a couple of blondies too.
    I love your outfit but keep missing the Dollydoodle boys stuff – I must look everyday from now on, you all look so cool in your blues and greys!

    • Yes, there are three blondes all coming up very soon here after red head Matt, next in line… plus I have already featured blonde Fritz (and Ross who underwent a hair colour change from brunette to blonde.)

      • Oh yes – I forgot that Fritz is blond. Somehow his dark complexion makes a difference. He’s another of your dolls that has made me change my mind – I tended to think I only like the Trendon dolls, but now I want a Fritz twin…. think we need a bigger house for all the dolls I’d like to be owned by!

  4. Oh-my Kendal… James is such a perfect example of a 69 bunette Gregor! Your *rare* ebay find certainly paid off *big time* as he is quite handsome with his long fringe and perfect face/lip paint.
    I *so* enjoyed reading how he came by the name of James… inspired by your second boyfriend… the cool and fit 6’2″ guy.
    James sports his awesome DD-wear with such confidence, looking comfy and put-together. All the above outfits look very *kool* on him… a nice range of colors for this sweet dark boy.
    This is so great of you to do consecutive posts on your *crew* individually… as I feel I know each and every one personally… ! Thank you.
    Hugs, -Anne

  5. Love the picture of James and the Space hopper.. Archie our youngest (and naughtiest) basset had one of those when he was younger and ate a hole in the side of it 🙂

  6. Kendal, you are absolutely the only Sasha nut I’ve “met” who’s bought the Sasha for the clothes. It’s usually the other way round! He is a gorgeous boy.

  7. James is gorgeous, I thought I had left a message to this post but seems I’m going a bit potty with this heat! He looks in all the different DD wear, lucky lad. Loved reading about your swooningly fabulous boyfriend no.2 – I think its lovely you’ve named him after him 🙂 Cathy x

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