The Third member of the Sasha Brood ‘Crew’

Today we are taking a closer look at Luke. He is seen here on the left of this closer photo taken of five of the boys.

Luke is THE 1969 minty lad that once belonged to Ronnie of Absolutely-Sasha and the Gregor that her Bassett Hound, Henry, decided to have a little chew on his feet, see the photo below. As he has a lovely face with beautiful face paint I decided that he was a ‘keeper’ so set about looking for a cheap Sasha/Gregor doll’s torso to replace his with. Finally he went off to Brenda Walton for a torso exchange.

He is quite a tall lad and here we see him wearing another of my favourite Dollydoodle colour schemes like Ross and Jac but with a super grey/navy stripped T shirt.

Unfortunately like so many of the brunettes he had falling hair so after a few years I chopped it off and started to wig him. At first he wore some of my girls wigs as he has an adaptable unisex look about him with his softer features.

Here he iswearing a Monique real Hair Kimberley styled wig and a Sashawardrobe Liberty print smock stlye dress.

….But after the introduction of Judith’s Gregor Dollydoodle leisure wear he had to become a lad again as I needed the boys to wear all her fantastic hoodies and joggers etc.


7 thoughts on “The Third member of the Sasha Brood ‘Crew’

  1. It was great to see Luke featured today and lovely to read about him gender swapping and then turning back into a boy again πŸ™‚ He really is a handsome little chap, perhaps that is why Henry ate him …jealousy πŸ™‚

  2. Yes, I agree with Ronnie here, fun to see Luke *gender swapping*… it was nice you returned him to his originality once the DD-wear became available… he is a cutie… which is probably why he could get away with being a girl… on account of those *softer features*.
    Wonderful of you to purchase him, even with all those chew marks, and give him his life/body back of being perfect once again. What a great story… !
    I *so* like him in those classic black converse style shoes… and that striped little t-shirt… he’s stylin’… !
    Hugs, -Anne
    p.s. Am lovin’ those saggie beanies you put on all the boys… !

  3. Such a nice face and he looks great in his stripey t shirt and doodle gear.I think he looks great back as a boy.

  4. Kendal, it’s so lovely to read about all your boys and the history of how they came to live with you. This one is a definite favourite of mine. You are very talented, especially in the way you pose them for their photos. They really do look real and Judith’s outfits are to die for. I can’t wait to see the next instalment!

    Jill xx

  5. Luke is definitely a looker … gorgeous face, I like him in his trendy DD wear. Although I really do like the liberty print dress very much, it did suit him in his girlie days. Cathy x

  6. Lovely to read about two more of your gorgeous boys. Luke looks like quite a sweetheart and it was interesting to read about his ‘chequered’ past πŸ˜‰

  7. Hi Kendal…Luke is wonderful…what is the BOY wig you put on him after his brief excursion in the Monique wig? SusanLK

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