Another Lad in my Sasha Brood ‘Crew’

The Brood lined up, but rather squashed, against the conservatory wall.

Jac has been living here the next longest after Ross. He and Ross are best friends and so they like to be very similarly dressed in Dollydoodle’s grey and navy joggers, T shirts, hoodies and saggy beanies.

He is a petite Trendon 1970s Dark Denim Gregor that has been customised with his eye painting by Shelly. He has eye lashes as Shelly had repainted him originally as a girl but after a little while here he decided that he wasn’t having any of that and reverted back to his male sexuality. I think that he has a younger look about him like Ross has with his plump cheeks.

These are Shelly’s photos that I chose and bought him from. He/she is wearing the later Gotz sailor suit and has been practising skipping with one of Dollies4u skipping ropes.

I’m not sure just where the lip paint has gone today. Must have worn away over the years but guessing that it’s perhaps just as well now that he is back to being a lad.

He is one of the very lucky brunette haired dolls that has non falling hair. Like his friend Ross he is a lovely, kind-natured little fellow.


5 thoughts on “Another Lad in my Sasha Brood ‘Crew’

  1. Poor lad, fancy having to dress like a girl! I think it is a good thing the lip paint has worn off since he reverted to his original sexuality. Is it only me, that just can’t see the boys being girls? Even when they have been given long hair they still look like boys to me?

    He looks much better with his hoodie and Doodles gear on than the little dress 😉

  2. What a sweet faced boy. I agreed about Boys always looking like boys, even before I found out that boys did not have eye lashes, I could always tell if she had started out as he! and therefore could not see them as anything other than a boy in a dress!!!
    He looks very happy that you have allowed him to be himself !!

  3. I like seeing the group photo before the introduction of the particular boy you are featuring. It’s nice to see where and how he fits/looks within the line-up of *likey lads*.
    Not to be the dark horse, but I *love* short hair on girls… and own 2 English boys that could actually be girls. It’s nice to have the option. I can see why he was a Kendal *must have* from Shelly’s photos… many thanks for providing them as it does show us *blog followers* why you chose her/him. I think every Sasha collection should contain a *repaint*… because it’s done in the *Sasha spirit*… and, there are those days a repaint can really put a *big smile* on your face… ! Shelly did a wonderful job with his eye paint… though, I do prefer the *au naturel* lips… total cuteness!
    Thank you for Jac’s story (info/history) and photos… this little guy has it all… !
    Hugs, -Anne
    p.s. Nice color combo of DD-wear for this yummy little repaint.

  4. Jac looks good as a boy, I really like his eyelashes, makes him a bit different and very true to life too, as my Phil & Oliver both have lovely long lashes that curl up at the end … just not fair!! Cathy x

  5. Hi Kendall, I just love him! His hair is amazing! Surely, that’s not how he emerged from the factory??? Very pretty boy! Karin x P.S. now I know where all the Dolly Doodles gear is ending up!!!

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