Introducing my Sasha Brood Crew

I have tried to move the last photo up to here but it is not having any of it.
I’m going to introduce my lads one by one this time to ensure that I don’t lose an hours work again in one foul swoop like I did yesterday.

First up we have Ross who has probably been here with me the longest (with his pal Jac, comimg up next.) He is a wide faced, quite minty, Frido 1969 Dark Denims who languished at the bottom of page1 on Sashadolluk for months due to his falling hair problem. Each time I went on I stopped to say a quick ‘Hello’ to him until one day I succumbed and bought him home to live with us.

He stood on the bookcase in the spare bedroom quietly shedding his hairs until one day I realised that his fringe had completely gone so I clipped the rest of his hair and gently wigged him until Jackie Rhystrom with her magnificent re-rooting techniques appeared on the Sasha scene and it was decided that because of his kind and gentle nature he would be a good candidate for her to try out her Gregor re-rooting skills. He had a wonderful holiday with Jackie out in Spain and arrived back looking supremely handsome with his many tones of long blonde locks. Many thanks again Jackie!

He is wearing what I think was my first and very favourite colour combination, put together by me from separate items, of Dollydoodle’s joggers and hoodie sets.

alt=”Image” />Image


5 thoughts on “Introducing my Sasha Brood Crew

  1. I do Love Ross, he looks so handsome with his new hair and great in his Crew outfit!
    Looking forward to meeting all the rest of the Sasha brood crew.

  2. What a wonderful idea Kendal… to introduce your *likey lads* one at a time… !

    I think Ross is a real charmer… with his sun-drenched tresses and that wide face…. nice perfect face paint. I love the combination of blonde hair with brown eyes… it’s so versatile.

    I *so* like the navy blue and grey for *his* color combo DDs outfit… cozy, warm and very boyish! I
    think he likes it too… look how happy and confident he looks.

    Thank you Kendal for these photos and for going into detail on where and why you purchased Ross… very interesting… a gorgeous boy who happens to be well traveled. Does he speak any Spanish?
    Hugs, -Anne

  3. Always lovely to see “our boy” Ross and when is he coming to see me again in Spain? Love Jackie x

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