‘The Likely Lads’ as Judith of Dollydoodles calls my Lads

My apologies for the lack of posts this week but I’ve had a really ‘rough’ week health-wise so it’s been a case of struggling to keep body and soul together with no time for the Sashas.
Even though still far from better I have started to try to list a new post introducing my Gregor lads but even in that short space of time things on wordpress have slightly changed so that I’m once again having difficulties.The Likely Lads 014


5 thoughts on “‘The Likely Lads’ as Judith of Dollydoodles calls my Lads

  1. Oh wow, ten lads, you are lucky! All in Dollydoodles gear as well, they are certainly lucky lads indeed.

    Sorry to hear you have been unwell this week Kendal, I do hope you are starting to feel better, hopefully you will have a good weekend. I think what we need is a good dose of sunshine and warm weather!

  2. Wish you soon feel better ! and put your Sasha team at work ,while you ‘ll enjoy a quiet week-end .

  3. Great picture of the Lads Kendal. We are supposed to get two dry warmer days for the weekend,sit and relax and enjoy and hopefully it will recharge your battery’s and help health wise.
    sasha hugs

  4. Wishing you a fast recovery Kendal… ! Thank you for your continued dedication to your blog.

    Your *awesome ten* look spectacular in their DDs! I love how you gave each of them their own combination of colors… for a look all their own.

    A great photo… amazing how you posed one after the other in a little different position, creating a very real looking line-up of boys… tons of cuteness there…! Hugs, -Anne

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