Lorraine’s and Henry’s birthday gifts to me

Here are two of the three birthday presents that were bought for me in New Zealand. Firstly the most attractive and useful T towel that will be bound to make dish wiping far more interesting and secondly the dear little soft furry toy Kiwi.

I thought that the T towel would make a super backcloth for this photographic session as I’m sure that you’ll agree and later on provides some educational value by baby ‘Curly’  to Mr.Kiwi who, as you can see, is receiving a big ‘welcome hug’ from baby Curly.

Here we have baby showing Mr.Kiwi just what he looks like and is called. Mr. Kiwi is looking most impressed.

Now onto a quick Geography lesson as he is shown from where he has come from. Baby explains that it is a very long way and that he had had to fly here with Lorraine and Henry in a big aeroplane high up in the sky.

Next a little lesson on how to spell, New Zealand, his original birth country. See it is a proper noun as it is a ‘place’ and there is only one of them so it has to begin with capital letters. (Boy! Can’t you tell that baby’s mummy is an ex-teacher?)

Onto the science/nature side of things as he learns that there is a fruit named after him.

Now I think that you deserve a big hug for learning all that!

Do you want a little ‘Kissy-kissy’ too.

Finally one last BIG hug before they head off to meet the others….

Lorraine’s and Henry’s third present will hopefully be featured here soon as I’m now off to take the photos ….providing that I don’t get side tracked in the meantime.


6 thoughts on “Lorraine’s and Henry’s birthday gifts to me

  1. “Curly” baby, withs his thick curls and taned skin ,looks like a cute young aborigène ,playing with a kiwi ! and how pleasant to learn geography with such a nice towel !

  2. An educational and enlightening post. Baby Curly is the most precious looking tot with that head full of curls… too cute!
    Your birthday gifts from Lorraine and Henry are very *New Zealand-ish*! A practical t-towel and an adorable *kiwi plush* for baby to hold and love… nice! nice!… how thoughtful of them.
    Your photos today are super-adorable… and the story… well, now I know more about New Zealand. Thank you… just wonderful!
    Hugs, -Anne
    p.s. You make learning fun!

  3. What a fabulous post Kendal, you really are inventive and have brought out all the highlights in both the tea towel with baby Curly explaining everything to Kiwi. So glad baby Curly likes the Kiwi and that you like the tea towel.

  4. Just love Curly and he looks so cute with his Kiwi, even the tea towel blends in well. Very nice of Henry and Lorraine to remember you while in NZ.

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