One of my Favourite Girls…

Has agreed to fill in the gap for today’s post whilst I am still finishing off photograhing my birthday presents.

She is an early 1960s Gotz crude eyed doll whom I fell completely in love with when I saw her a year or so ago for sale on Shelly’s website.

She is wearing a delightful Little Ginger Bread Man frock by ‘Frocks and Socks’ with commercially made shoes and socks.

I think that this maroon colouring suits her to a ‘T.’

Unfortunately it seems that she has been sitting down in this dress for some time and therefore it is not hanging down as straight as it usually does.

I just adore her crude eye painting.


7 thoughts on “One of my Favourite Girls…

  1. Another beautiful girl Kendal and she looks so nice in her outfit the colour does suit her to a T, I do love the brick backdrop very handy with this changing weather.

  2. She’s gorgeous Kendal, I love the combination of her brunette hair and crude eye colouring, haven’t got a crude eyed girl in my collection yet (another for the wish list!) The colouring of her dress with matching shoes and socks definitely does suit her to a T, love the print of the dress, the little gingerbread men are so cute! Cathy x

  3. A sweet early (Gotz) beauty! Impressive crude eye paint… with all those dark tresses surrounding her…. “ohmygosh”… gorgeous face… !
    Adorable *gingerbread man* smocked dress… these little girls can really get away with wearing novelty prints … color coordinating shoes/socks… and lastly a silk hair ribbon… cute! cute!. (I always appreciate simplicity and enjoyed seeing the plain white piping on the neck-line and yoke.)
    Thank you Kendal for showcasing this little treasure… totally a morning treat… !
    Hugs, -Anne

  4. Its so nice to see some of your other dolls making an appearance Mrs Hackney, lol. I love this girl and your other pale skin Bettina re-root. The colouring of her dress certainly suits her!
    Love Steve XXX

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