Hmmm, I smell chocolate

There’s a wonderful smell of Easter egg chocolate in the house so this little 1969 quirky eye-browed baby girl (who came to me mint-in-box and still with the celophane intact many years ago and who still smells like new) is busily crawling around (and naughtily in April’s new Dollydoodle bunny rabbit babygro!!) trying to find the source of the apertising aroma.

Look what I’ve found! Is this for me?
No, we’re going to share it as it’s far too big for you to eat on your own.

Is this MY Easter egg? No, I’ve told you we are all going to share it later.

Help someone! I can’t find a way into it.

I’ve tried….



….and everywhere… to find how it opens!

Yippee! I’ve got the box door open.

Does this say MY name?
No, it says ‘Kendal’ and that it’s for me.

Right I’ve got it out of the box! It’s very big!

Does this say MY name?
No, I told you earlier it says MY name but I’m going to share it with you all after tea and if you ask me again YOU won’t be getting a piece.

Remember I said NO licking!
You’ll all have a little piece each when I broken into it later.


7 thoughts on “Hmmm, I smell chocolate

  1. Love this Kendal, it had me in giggles, you’ve really captured the determination of a little one and their persistance! I can almost smell the chocolate from here … wish I still had some of my egg left, its long gone! Cathy x

  2. You have made up a darling little chocolate story… and featured the most photogenic-irresistible tot… precious! precious! I love each and every photo of her climbing all over that box to get into it… relentlessly… and, finally holding the big egg in her arms and smelling it… too cute!
    What a gorgeous milk chocolate egg from Thorntons… and personalized too… ! Enjoy the pleasure… chocolate is the best!
    Hugs, -Anne

  3. O Kendal, what a gorgeous little baby, she is divine and sooo lucky to be having some Easter egg later on after her tea. It has given me a longing for Easter egg now and all our Easter eggs are long gone (me having eaten them all including most of the boys ones too)! I’m going to have to get some chocolate now from the shop as I can almost smell the chocolatey smell coming from your house. Enjoy all that delicious choccy with your gorgeous brood.
    Susan xx

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