Another Birthday Present Arrives

I’m not sure if I can cope with this latest Blogger change at my age and with my limited IT skills but will have a go today but it is definitely making my mind up now to completely abandon here and take Kendal’s Sasha Brood over to my wordpress blog for good. Photobucket
Here we have my recently bought 1968 Single Fringe real waif girl wearing one of Thelma’s/Molly’s lovely little cardi’s given to me by Susan Bugler Pomeroy for a second birthday present. A million/trillion thanks Susan for giving us such another gorgeous gift as well as the very pretty vintage-sasha dress outfit.
I have popped it over a Pinestreetstudio dress and beret to combat these rather chilly winds that we have been having of late after those three lovely weeks of Summer weather back in March.
I am rather ‘taken’ with this side view photo showing the full cardigan in greater detail.
I have teamed it up with commercially manufactured socks and shoes to bring out the cardigans multi-colours of deep reds, oranges, greys and a hint of black.
I am ‘over the moon’ Susan with your superb choices of Sasha clothing which must have really challenged you somewhat considering that you yourself haven’t any of the Sasha girls yourself as you only collect the Sasha babies….although I know that ONE lone Gregor has crept in along the way.
Photobucket Tons of thanks to Sarah who not only had to list the resized photos but spend a GOOD deal of time trying to sort me out with all this new Blogger format.


4 thoughts on “Another Birthday Present Arrives

  1. It does take some getting used to doesn't it Kendal?! Mine changed on 1st April, and I hated it, but am now getting used to it.Your waif fringe girl is very pretty and her cardigan is pretty, I like the way you have highlighted the colours with her shoes.

  2. I adore this 68 single fringe *real* waif girl with her lovely wide-face… and cropped fringe hidden so beautifully beneath her classic beret. She has the most serene and endearing face… !Susan has, indeed, given you a lovely molly-t cardi… I love the colors of the varigated wool… creating a very unique and one-of-a-kind pattern… darling paired up with this *Pinestreetstudio* ensemble.I wonder what this girl would look like in black tights with black boots… for an even more warm and toastie look. However, the dark red shoes she is wearing do go with the multi-colors of deep reds in her cardi… a nice play with colors.Thank you Kendal for these photos of a *very pretty* waif.And, I'm sorry you are having such a mega-challenge with the *new* changes to the Blogger format… bummer… !Thank you Sarah W… :)Hugs, -Anne

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