My first dress from……….

….Francis (eBay ID egdonbooks) and shown here on my 1966 Frido Developmental Jeans/Farmpants girl.


She is seen in the two photos below againgst my new trial textured background using Ted Menten’s advice, help and instructions.


My apologies here Francis as it looks like I haven’t done up the top press stud at the neck….(but for those who have seen my now completely curled inwards crippled Arthritic hands will understand just how hard it is for me to do these little things.)


Back to my usual grey backcloth and showing the two little mother of pearl carved buttons that are stitched to the bodice.


Francis describes this as ‘an old fashioned sort of dress made out of patchwork using Liberty Print cotton pieces (possible vintage?) and toning silks.’


I have teamed it with my OOAK JJ navy Mary-Jane shoes and tan socks to bring out the dress’ colouring.


Loving the little floral collar.


Apologies for the usual unwanted stray hairs across her face. Unfortunately these are fast becoming my unwanted trade mark as even now after all this time I completely forget to try to brush them aside before photographing.


Millions of thanks again Sarah.
(There might not be any listings here tomorrow or the next few days as Sarah/Esme’s computer has decided not to co-operate or in fact even start up. Good luck with hopefully getting it seen to or repaired in the meantime.)


8 thoughts on “My first dress from……….

  1. Snap! I have just put on a blog with one of France's dresses that was being sold at same time as yours, which I also liked very much.It looks lovely on your girl, it brings out the blue of her eyes and goes nicely with the shoes.Great photo's as always.

  2. Great photos Kendal, those stray hairs just 'happen' I am sure as I get them as well. Lovely dress, she is a beautiful girl. Wonderful morning viewing while eating breakfast.

  3. Dear Kendal, Beautiful girl in a beautifil outfit. The colors are just right with her coloring. You have a fantastic eye for bringing together the best child/baby with the best outfit and in wonderful settings. I find the stray hairs endearing and realistic. Thank you so very much for sharing beautiful images that engage our minds and lift our spirits. All the best to you and to Sarah dear 🙂

  4. She is a ravishing *beauty*… ! I'm totally *entranced* by the developmental girls… especially the ones with the silvery brows.Congratulations on your recent ebay win from Frances. I've been quite impressed of late… with her clothing designs and her use of high-end (luxury) fabrics. She is completely unafraid to mix textures, fabrics, colors and patterns… creating very unusual and familiar looks.I love the fact that you chose to put this outfit on your developmental girl… she so deserves the sublime feel and look of (shantung?) silk… combined with cotton and sewn in the studio-ish style… with, no less, carved mother of pearl buttons… very nice complimenting colors… !Thank you Kendal for the lovely photos… !Thank you Sarah W… :)Hugs, -Anne

  5. Fabulous shots Kendal and I too like the stray hairs across her face, makes one think it's a slightly windy day! Frances has co-ordinated all the different prints beautifully. Many thanks for sharing.Jill xx

  6. Stunning photos Kendal, her new dress by Frances is beautiful ( I did admire it on Ebay ) it suits her perfectly and teamed with those socks and JJ sandals is the perfect finishing touch. I also really like the photos with the textured background, especially the second one, it would look fab in a frame, she is such a pretty blonde.Cathy x

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