Side-tracking today……..

….From my birthday gifts….although I still need to continue with showing a couple more after taking the photos.

Actually got to vintage-sasha’s blog in time today (although two other Sasha people had already beaten me to it!) to choose and buy this really dainty little shorts and smock set from the outfits that were left.


I chose this 1969 Frido girl who now wears a Global Cossette wig (unfortunately now discontinued) to firstly wear this lovely little outfit.


She insisted that she wanted to be taken in front of the beautiful English country garden backcloth that Shelly gave me for my birthday.


The green print of her dress really enhances and compliments both her and the scenery.


This little tot, who I remember originally was a Party Dress doll though with badly falling hair that I finally had to cut off (hence the wigging) has been with me over many years now and I love her sweet face and soft overall colouring.
Have again saved my favourite photo of these few until the last.


Yet more grateful thanks Sarah for the listing of these photos. Sarah informs me that Blogger has been updated again and has kindly offered to help and talk me through the changes on the phone when it happens to mine. How kind and thoughtful is that?


5 thoughts on “Side-tracking today……..

  1. I love the cossette wig which of course is no longer available! But it so suits the Sasha and she looks so pretty in her new Sarah outfit and the backdrop goes so well.Another great set of photo's Kendal.

  2. I agree with Dee wholeheartedly, that wig is just so perfect for your pretty girl who looks so sweet in her new Vintage Sasha outfit that Sarah has so beautifully made. The backdrop is the perfect setting indeed.Good luck with the new blogger look. Mine changed on 1st April, quite a shock it was! Still getting to grips with it.

  3. Yes, by the time I arrived at Sarah's Blog… all the outfits had been *sold*… I'm so pleased you were able to snag one for yourself… congratulations… ! A very *sweet* choice… !Your 69 brunette is *very pretty*… simply put… a super photogenic girl with all that hair… perfectly *messed* and those long braids… with her nice soft face paint. It's no wonder you are fond of her… pretty! pretty!Her adorable Spring/Summer *vintage-sasha* outfit of two colors, with dainty print, does have a *delicate* look and feel as Cathy pointed out… and she wears it very well… like it was meant for her… lol. A nice color composition for this time of year… *Spring-licious*! Many thanks… !Thank you Sarah W… :)Hugs, -Anne

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