My second present from Uncle Steve

‘Look everyone, we’ve got another present here from Uncle Steve!’


He opens the box wider and carefully and excitedly lifts out the contents whilst the others look on in excitment and anticipation.


Nik holds up a gorgeous little grey Steiff bear in a sailor’s cap and scarf for everyone to see. Turn him round, Nik, so that we can see him properly.


Then puts him lying down carefully whilst he starts gets out the other contents.


The little bear tells Nik that it’s his own little rowing boat that he has bought with him.


A million thanks Uncle Steve for this truly wonderful SECOND birthday present.


Nik puts him into the boat and the little bear takes up the oars and prepares to practice his rowing technique.


It is agreed that this little bear will be Nik’s very own since he has no toys as yet having only just arrived and joined The Brood. Nik decides to call him ‘Ste’ after Uncle Steve.


Nik places Ste snuggly inside his gillet so that he won’t get lost when they are ”out and about’ but still allowing him to see all around.


Nik is wearing his Dollydoodle hoodie and tracksuit and a thick gilet, maker unknown.


Armfuls of grateful thanks heading down to you Sarah.


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