One of my birthday presents from Steve….

Another wonderful gift, this time a delightful Betsy-May outfit from Steve (the other will be shown on a later post.)


It consists of a finely and beautifully knitted button-through cardigan with little flowers embroidered around the bottom band and she carries a little draw-stringed bag that is filled with lavender.


The doll wearing it is a 1966 Frido Blue Cord NP girl and I have chosen her because she is another doll who doesn’t often make it to my blog… as it was originally Steve who made me aware of this fact.


Notice the quirky eye-brow and the no eye lashes of these 1966 girls.


The cap sleeved dress is made from a  cream Viyella fine wool material with a dainty floral pattern in blues and greens with a hint of pink. There are cream hand-knitted socks with a matching blue of the dress stripe and also black leather bar shoes but here instead I have used some JJ studio style Mary-Janes as they are the perfect blue.


There was a little petal shaped hat (one of Betsy-May’s trademarks) in matching material to the dress but I couldn’t put in on this girl as she has too much hair but will show it on another doll at a later date.


Love the little cap sleeves. and the dress material feels so lovely to the touch.
Most of my daughter’s early childhood clothing was made from Viyella. Such a pity that it isn’t manufactured these days.


Have saved my favourite close up facial look of this doll until the very last.


Tons of thanks to Sarah for her never-ending help.


7 thoughts on “One of my birthday presents from Steve….

  1. lovely doll and the dress suits her perfectly…i ove betsymay clothes, such a shame that she wont be making so many anymore….sarah x…..ive just looked up at the message above from lorraine and realised ive written nearly exactly the same !

  2. *Lovely outfit*… and you must have been thrilled to receive it… "a super-nice choice Steve… !"I'm an ardent admirer of Betsy-May clothing… she can do it all… design/knit/sew and make shoes… ! Her clothing is becoming rarer and rarer to find… since she is not sewing that much. Your description of her outfit is perfect. Plus, the baby blue JJ (mary-jane) studio style shoes totally match her cardi… and those ever-so-tiny embroidered flowers add a hint of *sweetness*… !The last photo… the close-up… shows this girl's superb face paint… what a truly great and gorgeous face. Those big round eyes, no lashes and that ever so desirable *quirky* brow… !Beautiful full hair and nice straight bangs… she got the *LOOK*!Thank you for sharing Steve's gift today on your blog… always a *pleasure* to see a *Betsy-May* outfit… ! I just love those little bags… for treasures or lavender such as this one… a clever/cute accessory.Beautiful photos of an *exquisite* 1966 NP… many thanks.Thank you Sarah W… :)Hugs, -Anne

  3. A really beautiful outfit, Betsymay clothes are superb, what a lovely gift, the dress is so dainty, I love the sleeves and the little cardigan is truly gorgeous, the shoes and socks finish this outfit off perfectly. Your blonde Sasha is stunning … one of my dream wish list girls! Cathy x

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