My Birthday Boy.

Fritz was complaining that he was the only early Gotz boy amongst the other eight 1968-1972 Frido/Trendon lads and could I do something about it? I promised that I’d see what I could do.


The result was that sometime in the Autumn this strikingly handsome boy appeared for sale on sashadolluk and luckily I spotted him quickly enough to buy him.


The first task for me then was to find him some Dollydoodle leisure wear so that he fitted in with the other lads when he met them and here he is wearing it. My first and only one at the moment with the two layer sleeve look which I love and think suits him perfectly.


He is a 1960s Gotz slate eyed, sharp nosed boy and whom I have called Niklaus (Nik for short) after reading that Sasha Morganthaler had two sons, Fritz and Niklaus.


Since he arrived here he has been hiding from me and the other Sashas in one of the drawers under the spare bed waiting for his debut on my birthday last Saturday.


It was a lovely warm sunny day for his first visit out of doors so he ‘borrowed’ some of the Gregor’s Summer gear for this photoshoot.


Thanks a mill. Sarah. Nobody does it better!


10 thoughts on “My Birthday Boy.

  1. Brilliant, I wondered who had snapped that handsome young man up! Wonderful outfits that suit him well.Need a photo of both boys together please Kendal!Thank you Sarah for posting the photos…I am going to thinking of those words and singing them all morning now 🙂

  2. What a handsome chap! and a wonderful birthday present! We always know what to buy ourselves best LolThe Dollydoodles gear suits him well and I think he will become a favourite along with his brother Fritz

  3. Oh Kendal, he is so handsome. I, too, had wondered who the lucky new mom was. He will be a great companion for Fritz. I love the navy striped t-shirt on him as well as his DD outfit. Ellen

  4. Nik is a very handsome chap indeed! I love him in the navy striped t-shirt too and with his red hoodie tied around his waist, he looks perfect, just like a real little boy out exploring! A perfect birthday present Kendal 🙂 Many congrats, I'd love to see a photo of him and Fritz together too please! Cathy x

  5. "SO HANDSOME!"What an *uber-handsome* lad… ! I was delighted to read about Fritz asking you for a Gotz brother for him to play with… and you honored his wishes… voila… Nik (Niklaus)… ! Plus, they are the names of Sasha M.s sons… how awesome… ! You are fantastic… !He wears the Dollydoodles-wear confidently… and is looking very "Likely Lad-ish"… !Am quite fond of the photos taken outside with the lush greenery as your background and Nik wearing a more Summer-ish outfit. I think the navy blue striped tee and solid navy blue shorts, accented with the red hoodie tied around his waist, gives him a very *active-boyish* look… paired up with those red trainers/converse… simply great… ! I imagaine after you took those photos he went off to climb trees and chase butterflies with his hew pal (Fritz)… ! You'll have to keep an eye on those two… !Thank you for introducing Nik… ! "Congratulations on your *spendid* new acquisition… he's *terrific*"! I'm so happy for you… !Beautiful and well done photos… many thanks for your efforts.Thank you Sarah W… :)Hugs, -Anne

  6. Nik is so very handsome! He is looks great in his dollydoodles clothes. The photos taken outside are very special and love the punch of color in his red jacket around his waist and his red shoes– perfection 🙂

  7. Totally forgot to add:I got a smile on my face seeing him holding his own *personal* cell phone… imagine he will be texting Fritz quite often… hope you're on a good (phone) plan… ! Hugs, -Anne

  8. What a real little cutie! You did so well to keep him hidden away for so long well done!He does look like a proper little boy and the picture of him wearing the shorts and blue stripe t shirt so remind me of my little son as he often wears similar clothing with bumper boots.Hugs Plumx

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