My Birthday Presents from Sarah W.

All my wonderful presents shown here from Sarah. Firstly the sweet little fushia and white floral smock and shorts set which I have teamed with JJ sandals and Dayzees socks.
Some delicious Cornish strawberry jam which we had for tea with my home-made scones. A box of scrumptious Cornish shortbread which was eaten with the morning coffee and finally the little bottle of Cornish fresh cream fudge liquor which I needed/devoured as a ‘pick-me-up’ in the early evening to refresh me to carry on with the celebrations.


I just love this delightful little wide faced 1970 Trendon waif and so often choose her to try on any new clothes.


Thinking that I need to buy some fuschia coloured ribbons when next near a Hobbycraft.


Her eyes and eyebrows have been slightly enhanced by Shelly to cover the oxidisation/greening that had just started.


My favourite pose of the day. Tons and rtons of thanks Sarah for remembering my birthday with these fantastic and such thoughtful gifts.


Couldn’t resist showing this photo again of Sarah’s little dress set gift against Shelly’s backcloth. A perfect English country garden picture.


Hundreds of thanks travelling down to you, Sarah.


6 thoughts on “My Birthday Presents from Sarah W.

  1. Yummy looking goodies there from Sarah, as well as the very pretty dress set, your little wide faced brunette is so adorable, she has such a sweet look about her. I too like your favourite pose of the day, she looks like she wants to ask for something, maybe? Cathy x

  2. Wonderful post today featuring Sarah's gifts. Being from the US, it's always fun to see food items from other countries (i.e. packaging/labeling and so forth). These look quite gourmet and delicious!Darling wide faced brunette… I can't imagine her ever taking a bad photo… she is uber-photogenic with tons of character… !It's no wonder she is one of your top models…! Ditto… your favorite pose is *adorable*!Her *vintage-sasha* outfit looks *little girl special*… with crisp white socks and fuschia-ish colored leather sandals from JJ. I do love *vintage-sasha* clothing… lovely fabrics… the fit is superior… a sweet and artsy style… loaded with cuteness… sewing and finish work is top-notch… !Thank you Kendal for sharing these *marvelous* birthday giftsand your ever-so-cute waif. (By the way, what is her name?)Thank you Sarah W… :)Hugs, -Annep.s. Yum yum… homemade scones.. ! I've made *orange-pecan* scones… crumbly (in a good kind of way) – buttery – and rich.

  3. Lovely gifts from Sarah, all scrumptious both edible and the gorgeous outfit your pretty girl is wearing. You have teamed the outfit beautifully with the shoes.

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