My Birthday Presents 1

A gorgeous new backcloth from Shelly depicting an English country garden with rambling roses in full bloom scrambling over a trellis and stone wall. Shelly chose this outside garden scene for me because she knows that I am now finding it almost impossible now to bend down to place the dolls on the ground when out and about since last years Arthritic flare-up.
Many, many thanks Shelly for your thoughtfulness and kindness as always.


The very first doll up to use the backcloth is my wide faced 1970 Trendon waif in a delightful little vintage-sasha dress set, a birthday gift from Sarah Williams. Thank you so very much Sarah. It’s just absolutely gorgeous….as your outfits always are. More photos can be seen of this dress and doll with more presents from Sarah in a later post.


Next on the scene is a close-up photo of a 1967 Frido Gingham NP wearing a wonderfully Summery Dollydoodle outfit put together by me from Judith’s basic range.


This little Trendon early 1970s tot decided to crawl onto the grassy set-up amongst the fallen blossom to have her photo taken.


She is wearing a sweet trendy little dress and long shorts by *sasha-smiles* who unfortunately seems to have left sewing for the Sasha dolls.


Another of my dolls, a 1967 Frido NP Dungaree girl who rarely gets to be photographed for the blog as she is rather a shy girl very consious of her lips, having been force fed by her young owner in her early years. This delightfully sweet and kind natured girl is wearing a OOAK Ruthsdoll’s dress and JJ sandals.


Thousands of grateful thanks again to Sarah for her invaluable help and support.


9 thoughts on “My Birthday Presents 1

  1. What a wonderful thoughtful gift from Shelly, such a great backcloth and perfect for Spring and Summer shots.The little outfit Sarah gave you is as always just perfect and looks really sweet on your WF girl.All the photos of the girls and tot are beautiful and I really enjoy looking at them. Thank you Kendal.

  2. im loving that backdrop…i wish it was lighter in my house so i could have one too but ill just have to keep on kneeling on the muddy grass outside !….lovely photos….sarah x

  3. You've got all the clothes to co-ordinate perfectly with the new backcloth! What pretty outfits, and a lovely idea to use a backcloth – it can work on a rainy day!

  4. Gorgeous backdrop Kendal and all your outfits co-ordinate with it too! Really pretty dress set from Sarah which looks so cute on your adorable wf brunette girl. Really lovely photos, Cathy x

  5. The backdrop is so lovely! Of course all your girls look just as lovely in front of it. What great and varied dolls you have and I'm so glad you have fun with then (and then share them with us!!!).

  6. "Spring has sprung… !" Beautiful and practical backcloth…"way-to-go Shelly!"All lovely Sashas Kendal… so very *neatly* dressed and ready for the warmer weather ahead.Love all the colors and shades of pink… for this photo-shoot. Sarah's (v-s) outfit is stunningly sweet on your photogenic little wide faced brunette.Equally sweet is the polka-dot dress w/long flowered pants your adorable blonde baby is wearing… love the photo of her crawling w/her wee pink bear in hand… precious…! Your shy NP girl is delightful in her pink gingham dress… she has beautiful eyes! Thank you for sharing these new, lovely and useful gifts with us today… always a treat.Thank you Sarah W… :)Hugs, -Anne

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