Not too sure here….

Wasn’t too sure at first if I liked this doll’s choice of outfit the colours being rather too much of a ‘muchness’ with her hair colouring…..


This 1966 Developmental Dungaree NP girl is wearing a vintage-sasha sweet little dress with Pinestreetstudio socks and JJ sandals.



….but the more I looked at her the better it got……different…..and in the end I rather liked it on her.


Thanks again Sarah for your invaluable help. So sorry that whilst tring to move photo no 12 up to the top of the post I broke the link and hence lost it.
Sarah, bless her, has now re-put in the ‘lost’ photo.


5 thoughts on “Not too sure here….

  1. I think the subtle look suits her well, I would imagine she could wear many colours that would be great on her, but this really shows her beautiful features and hair off without distracting.

  2. I like this dress on her very much, a very pretty dress it is too, is it by Sarah? (VS) I love her stripy socks Kendal, they look fab with the sandals. Cathy x

  3. GORGEOUS GIRL!!!I very much like your *monochromatic* choice here…! Her dress is a very *quiet* print… done in a simple Sasha-esque style… paired with striped socks that offer a different texture and pattern… completed by beautiful basic brown leather JJ sandals… terrific! (I think everyone should own a pair of these *essential* sandals.)Thank you Kendal… for being a bit daring today… I'd say you pulled-it-off nicely. This redhead is a top-notch very early Sasha darling… I've fallen under her spell… pure beauty!Thank you Sarah W… :)Hugs, -Anne

  4. Sometimes a look we are not sure of , turns out to be a winner such as this look on your beautiful girl. I love the striped sock with the sandals but I could also see those socks and sandals on a girl or boy in shorts and a t shirt carrying a sling shot! Lol

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