Two more outfits chosen by the dolls themselves to wear

This is my Frido 1967 Jeans NP with her full centre part and dramatic and unique eye painting by Kristina, a Manchester art student, who came to help Sara Doggart with the eye painting during the 1967 Summer holidays.This doll was featured in the book, ‘For the Love of Sasha’ published last year.


Now normally I would have put this dress on a brunette haired doll to bring out the little black motifs in the material BUT I have to say that I am impressed with blonde haired Krista’s (named after her eye artist) choice here.


Another view of her unique eye painting.


I love the style of this Pinestreetstudio simple little dress which Cindy Patrick has used on many occassions in a wide variety of different materials as it really suits the Sasha girls. This dress came with a beige jacket and beige/brown stripped scarf for those more dressy occasions or cooler climbs. Here it is teamed it up with commercially made shoes and short cream socks but looks just as good with long black three-quarter length socks.


Next up on today’s menu is a Gotz slate eyed mid 1960s pale skinned doll with her hair re-rooted with mohair by Bettina.


The outfit that she has chosen to wear is a Limited Edition by Ruthsdolls but shown here with commercially made socks and JJ sandals instead of the original socks and laced shoes.


This girl knows that she looks good in this shade of pink as it brings out her lip colouring and goes well with her brunette hair.


I always think that this doll has rather a film star quality look about her.


Millions of thanks again Sarah.


5 thoughts on “Two more outfits chosen by the dolls themselves to wear

  1. Krista has very *impressive* eye paint! I do remember seeing her in the new Sasha Book… as my granddaughter pointed to her when I asked which doll was her favorite… she (Krista) therefor, appeals to all ages. A really fab doll!This little dress by *Pinestreetstudio* has a sweet and simple silhouette… which enhances Krista's beauty all the more. *Pinestreetstudio* has such a wide range of creativity in their clothing styles and textures… I'm always amazed… something for everyone.Last time I saw this lovely Gotz girl she was wearing a grey *Pinestreetstudio* dress and black ankle shoes by JJ. My… how pretty she looks in this flowery print… with her matching JJ sandals… holding her favorite tiny polar bear plush… cute is definitely in bloom!Her brunette (mohair) hair is well suited for her pale skin… as she does look very *Hollywood*… in a movie star-ish (flawless) kind-of-way. No doubt about it… this one is a beauty.Kendal… thank you… for presenting to us today two exquisite examples of early Sashas… always a *pleasure* viewing such gorgeous faces. And, I might add… the girls did a great job picking out their outfits!Thank you Sarah W… :)Hugs, -Anne

  2. Nice pairing of girls Kendal! Krista is fantastic and your Gotz girl is indeed dreamy. Her pink dress is perfect for her coloring. Her re-root is so well done. They are both very, very wonderful šŸ™‚

  3. More gorgeous girls wearing more beautiful clothing! I love the dresses that they have chosen by themselves to wear. Krista is absolutely stunning, I really do like her dress, the tiny flower print is really pretty. Your pale skinned, brunette reroot is so sweet and ever so pretty. I love her in this dress by Ruth and it looks great with the JJ sandals. I was also lucky enough to get one of these Ltd Ed dresses by Ruth, in fact Bertie (Roberta) my blonde slate eyed gotz (who comes from your brood) is wearing this very same dress right now :o) Cathy x

  4. Another comment by email….'Hi Kendal,Iā€™m so enjoying your spring blog photos. It is fun to see some of your favorite dresses again. I especially love this dress…have always admired it. Such a rich color!'

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