Welcome Home Henry and Lorraine!

Jon has a message from all of us here…using the words from the now famous song, ‘Welcome Home’….

‘Welcome home, welcome,
Come on in and close the door.
You’ve been gone too long, welcome,
You’re home once more!’


Thanks for the super postcard. We’re patiently waiting to hear all about and see the photos of your adventures (especially your bush walks) out there in New Zealand.
Great to have you back home. Are you suffering from Jet Lag at all?


2 thoughts on “Welcome Home Henry and Lorraine!

  1. Many thanks for the wonderful welcome home. After what seemed like a terribly long flight home we arrived shattered yesterday afternoon and had to go to bed at 7pm! Will be working on photos and blog posts soon.Looks like I have lots to catch up on!

  2. Henry… you have been missed!!!So glad you and your Mum are back *safe and sound*. I too, along with Jon and the whole gang here am patiently waiting to hear all about your adventures in New Zealand. I imagine you have some pretty *awesome* photos to share with us.Do hope your Grandmum and Grandpapa are doing well…!"Welcome home!"Thank you Kendal… nice touch.Thank you Sarah W… :)Hugs, -Anne

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