Bringing to the foreground ………

Another of my Sasha Dolls that doesn’t often get shown on the blog although loved and played with at home.


She is a 1967 Frido Ballet NP that came in her original ballet outfit with the first Black Watch Tartan cape… (BUT which I unfortunately sold on by accident a few years later mistaking it for a later version.)


She was one of my very first three NPs so has been here for a very long time.


Here she is wearing her favourite Spring/Summer dress, a OOAK by Ruthsdolls with commercially made shoes and socks.


She won’t let anyone else wear this outfit as it was especially bought just for her.


Finally got round to taking a photo of my Mothering Sunday cards. The delightful card on the left is from one of my Goddaughters who never forgets to remember me at Christmas, my birthday AND Mothering Sunday with lovely cards full of treasured words. She is a really lovely, kind and thoughtful girl. May God bless her.


The two other cards are from my very special daughter who always delights me with her wonderful choice of cards and handwritten words inside. I feel very lucky and grateful to have such a super close and loving family and great friends around me.
Tons and tons of thanks to Sarah for her never ending job here. MUST try to have another go at downloading them myself.


5 thoughts on “Bringing to the foreground ………

  1. "A beautiful girl!"I, for one, embrace this color of red hair… and her eye painting is delicate and very well done… you must LOVE her!Her OOAK Ruthsdolls outfit is utterly adorable on her… I've always appreciated the color red on red-heads… and the smocking and button detail down the front is styled sweetly. I can see why she is unwilling to share this outfit.It was sad to read about her *black watch tartan cape*… mistakes do happen… we all make them.Totally lovely cards you received for Mother's Day… it always feels grand to be so well loved… shows you're doing something right!Thank you Kendal for sharing these very special and favorite things of yours today. (I almost missed this post… good thing I scrolled down!)Thank you Sarah W… :)Hugs, -Anne

  2. She’s beautiful Kendal, I really love her dress, I’m very fond of buttons down the front and the double rows of smocking make it that bit different, it suits her perfectly. Cathy x

  3. The Mother's Day cards are lovely and I'm so glad to see that you are much cherished, as we all think you are such a very special lady….and thank you for brightening our days with your delightful Sasha stories and beautiful photographs, love Jackie x

  4. Beautiful girl Kendal. I love looking at your Sashas and this one is so very sweet in her smocked dress. Thank you for bringing her to your blog 🙂

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