Dollydoodle’s gilet arrives

…And is eagerly snapped up by Jon who is now demanding his photograph to be taken.


Doesn’t he look really smart or perhaps I should say ‘cool?’


He’s gone off now to join the rest of the ‘Doodle Gang’ to show them his new gilet.


They are all trying to keep themselves clean, neat and tidy ready for the arrival of Niklaus (Nik) in a couple of weeks time.


Many thanks indeed Sarah for these latest listings.


4 thoughts on “Dollydoodle’s gilet arrives

  1. Jon looks ever *so* cool is his new gilet… he has great confidence and good looks… !He also appears warm and comfy… and as I said before… I really do like this dark grey color on him very much.I'm terribly anxious to meet *Nik*… !!!Thank you for these pics Kendal… as I did want to see Jon in his *complete* Dollydoodles outfit… a very handsome boy!Thank you Sarah W… :)Hugs, -Anne

  2. He definitely does look ‘ cool ‘ Kendal, he’s gorgeous and I think his new outfit is a big improvement on his original PJ’s. I’m really looking forward to seeing Nik!
    Cathy x

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