Last but not least present from Susan

This one is definitely for the baby Sashas. A lovely furry soft baby ball but hiding a little secret.


No Quirky, it’s NOT for sitting on. It’s NOT a saggy-beanie-bag. Be careful that you don’t squash the whatever’s hiding inside.


See that little tab on the side. Carefully open that and take a peek as to what’s inside.


Oh look it’s a darling little Spring lamb. Just right for this time of year.


Gently take him out. Don’t pull to hard as he’s attached to a string so that he doesn’t run off and get lost.


I’m not sure that YOU should be sitting in the ball, you’re far too big. Give him a little cuddle to make sure that he’s not frightened.


Oh thank you, thank you Auntie Susan for my ‘Lammy.’ Look his face colour matches my little fleece Sashawardrobe jacket.


Now Quirky just settle down and stop your antics and BTW why are you wearing Little Stevie’s Dollydoodle joggers? Go and take them off and give them back to him.


Huge thanks to Sarah for her superb re-sizing and listings yet again.
PS. I’m afraid that I have to take a few days away from my computer as I have developed eye strain from being on it too much of late.


4 thoughts on “Last but not least present from Susan

  1. Dearest Kendal, please take care of your very special eyes!!!!!Your baby photos are precious with Lammie :)Thank you so much and thanks to dear Sarah too!

  2. I love your baby photos Kendal. Little Quirky looks to be having a great time with his new ball and surprise Lammy inside. I really like his outfit, it looks so soft and snuggly, did he give Little Stevie back his Dollydoodle joggers? LOL. Cathy x

  3. Yes, ditto what Ginger says "please take care of your very special eyes!"The toys are so cute these days… it makes me want to be a child again. I have never seen a "Lammy" such as this one that comes tucked inside a soft cloth ball. He looks so sweet with his *blue* face and feet… perfect for a Baby Sasha to cuddle.Compliments again to Susan for picking out another great toy for the babies… size and color is *right on* for this little tot… all dressed in baby boy blue… total cuteness!I *love* these little Quirky babies… with that special little brow… all their own. And, what a little poppet this one is!Precious photos Kendal, as always, with a nice Spring theme.Thank you Sarah W… :)Hugs, -Anne

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