My third 70th birthday present from Susan

Susan’s hot pink gift box was hiding yet a third present in amongst all the crisp white sheets of wrapping paper…this delightful little wooden piggy. Auntie Susan can I have her all for myself ? Please….? Yes…..?
Oh thank you, thank you, THANK you.


Oh, you’re absolutely gorgeous. Come here and let me give you a big hug. I like the grey markings on your back and your little black trotters too..


Gosh you’re a good solid weight. Somebody’s has been feeding you up.


Let’s have a look at your sweet little face then. What a gorgeous smile you have and perfectly drawn ‘piggy’ eyes. Smart ears too.


Now what shall I call you? Certainly not the usual ‘Porky’ that so many little pigs get named. Oh, I know how about ‘Miss Piggy’ from the American TV Muppet Show.


That’s a smart curly little rope tail you’ve got . I’ve got a little curl too. See it’s in the middle of my forehead but mine’s made from real hair.



Eternally grateful thanks to Sarah as always.


3 thoughts on “My third 70th birthday present from Susan

  1. Kendal,You have the most beautiful babies to show off these *delightful* toys!!! I've never seen such a pretty wooden pig before… simply irresistible.Your baby looks quite content and happy with her arms full of Miss Piggy…!!! My doesn't she *love* her new toy… and such a cute little rope tail… !!!Absolutely wonderful toys Susan gave to you… superb quality and great looks… perfect to photograph with.A very sweet story… !!! Now I want one of those pigs… !!!Your photography is charming… thank you.Thank you Sarah W… :)Hugs, -Anne

  2. Such sweet photos Kendal, the little piggy is just too cute, love his smiley face and curly tail!I've just worked out how to leave a comment on this blog as anonymous … but better than nothing!A school friend of Betsy's got a pig for her 13th Birthday … I told Betsy not to get any ideas! Apparently he's kept on a farm and she goes to visit him!Love Cathy x

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