World Book Day

Just read on the Mart that it is World Book Day today so my 1990s customised by Kelly Wenarsky pale skinned Gotz Stella has quickly gone and chosen this book to read to celebrate the day.


It is ‘The Little Goth Girl sticker paper doll book’ by Ted Menten that was sent to them by him a little while ago.
It is one of the Dover Little Activity Books series and just the perfect size for the Sasha Dolls.


That’s right, sit down at the table and lay it down flat before opening it so that the pages and corners don’t get crumpled.


Open and turn the pages over very carefully. The first four have the clothing items that can be peeled off and then put on the doll on the final page.


Yes, there’s the paper doll with her two black cats on the very last page of the book. Have you made up your mind as to what you are going to dress her in first?


As Ted says on the back cover there is….’A chic array of retro fashions offers tons of mix-and-match fun. Her dresses, jackets and skirts feature bold plaids, stripes and ruffles and each trendy outfit can be accessorised with wigs, hats, tights, boots and other accoutrements.’


This cute teenaged Goth girl sticker paper doll book has plenty of style- you can tell by her wardrobe of 28 reusuable stickers. I think that she loves fashion like you all do.


Huge thanks to Sarah who had to rush putting these photos on for me this afternoon as I hadn’t realised it was book day being at the hospital for most of today with my Arthritic monthly checks, tests and monitoring.


One thought on “World Book Day

  1. This little blue-eyed Stella is a cutie! I adore her freckles… her hair in bunches and her lovely blue sweater. She looks so *into* her "Little Goth Girl Sticker Paper Doll" book. Kelly W. gave this girl such a special *one-of-a-kind* personality… I really like her.My favorite photo is the first… of her holding her book… proudly. A very artistic and well designed activity book… by Ted Menten… imagine she will have hours of play dressing her Little Goth Girl inall the different fashions and accoutrements…!!!Thank you Kendal… a very precious repaint.And, thank you Sarah W. … :)Hugs, -Anne

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