A Thank-You Card from Henry

Even though Henry was so busy getting ready and packing his suitcase for his holiday in New Zealand he made time to write this card to say thank you for the Dollydoodle white T shirt that we sent him from his ‘needed for his holiday’ list.


On the front is a lovely photo of him already dressed in his holiday gear and inside a picture of him in his Dollydoodle T-shirt and shorts, the latter given to him by Judith of Dollydoodles.


Franz, a Jackie Rhydstrom Gregor re-root and named Franz after her partner, as he looks so very like him with his blonde hair and style. Please read it out to us first.


Now, turn the card towards us so that we ourselves can read it. Oh, what a lovely well mannered and thoughtful boy Henry is. We do hope that you are having a wonderful time out there and can’t wait to hear all about your adventures when you get back home.


Many, many thanks again Sarah.


One thought on “A Thank-You Card from Henry

  1. I love your blog because of all the wonderful Sasha related topics you cover… and this is a fine example.How thoughtful of Henry to send a *thank you* card… for the oh-so practical Dollydoodles *classic* white T-shirt he received from you… such boyish sweetness. His Mum certainly instilled polite manners in that handsome little man. Do think he looks a bit like *John Lennon* wearing those specs…! Your fair-haired Franz is total cuteness… love him… and his saggy beanie!Great post Kendal… many thanks!Many thanks too Sarah W… :)Hugs, -Anne

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