Thelma’s little Cardi’s and Steve’s little Teddy Bear

This is the first of three posts featuring the above title.
Firstly we have a petite and minty FCP 1969/70 Frido/Trendon girl in a vintage-sasha dress and commercially made shoes and socks in a muticoloured (but predominately blues and greens) 4ply sock wool knitted by Thelma/Molly plus the Steiff 1951 little golden bear given to me by Steve for last Christmas.


This is Thelma’s own pattern design and was purchased from her blog


My 1968 Frido Fringe girl has one a similar Thelma cardi but in tones of green and rust with a hint of yellow, over another vintage-sasha Autumnal coloured floral dress set and commercially made shoes and socks.
Again featuring Steve’s little golden Steiff bear.



Finally in this post a 1969 Frido Gingham doll with a discontinued Global cosette wig (due to falling hair) in a Nardia Vasconi? dress and manufactured socks under Ruthsdoll’s distressed boots with a brown, beige, rust and hint of grey Thelma cardi over the top to keep the warmth in.
Steve’s little bear getting in on the act again.



Ever grateful thanks to Sarah… who never complains of all this extra work.


4 thoughts on “Thelma’s little Cardi’s and Steve’s little Teddy Bear

  1. Kendal, your girls are lovely in their dresses and amazing sweaters. I particularly like the fringe girl's sweater with soft blending of Fall colors. Really wonderful photos and so kind of you to take them and of Sarah to help post them 🙂

  2. Such sweet beauties you have for us today wearing their T-Molly cardis… I just love the cropped length on these practical little sweaters… done in multi-colored wool… such a pretty layer of warmth for the girls this time of year.Little King… their bear is just adorable… am quite taken by how they are holding him in their hand… I think they love him…!I enjoyed seeing a blonde, a red-head and a brunette in this post… needless to say they are lovely… I like how you always provide their year of production and type (ie… gingham, fringe and FCP). Being somewhat new to the *Sasha World* I crave this information… and need it.I love all the dresses and shoes… and these cropped cardis you are featuring today are Winter perfect.Great photos and beautiful faces… super thanks.And, thanks Sarah W. for your help… :)Hugs, -Anne

  3. These little cardis look super with the gorgeous dresses and the little golden bear is adorable. I love how little girly your minty blonde girl looks in her whole outfit, everything about it is perfect!
    Cathy x

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