A Sasha Doll called ‘Little Kendal’

My friend Anne (the lady who leaves such lovely descriptive comments here) has been on the look-out from http://www.sashadolluk.co.uk for a Sasha waif for her six (nearly seven) year old granddaughter, Cerelia (such an unusual and pretty name which I’m told means, Spring) to play with when she visits and asked me to help her in her search as the doll was going to be named after me.


After several months we spotted this delightful little 1972 girl just oozing character from her past with her loose stringing, trimmed ‘bobbed’ hair, a little dot of white in one nostril and a tiny ‘boo-boo’ to her lip (made much more noticeable in the photos than in real life for the benefit of the buyers.) Who could resist this tot appealingly standing there in her vest and knickers wistfully looking for someone to love her?


We got even better news when after she arrived at her new home and was then forwarded on to Kelly Wenarsky’s for a spa and re-string as Kelly emailed Anne with an extra piece of history…

“Your doll with the bob is from 1970/71 – she’s really lovely and very unusual. She has an off center part over the right eye. They stopped doing side parts on the dolls in 1969, and the parts were always over the left eye. I’ve had one or two of the 1970 dolls with a “sort of” side part and they are hard to find! ;)”


I personally just adore these dolls who have had ‘little would-be-hairdresses’ practising their cutting skills into very attractive ‘bobs.’ I have several of these little souls in my collection and much prefer their hair styles to those of my dolls with IMO rather too much hair.


I only quickly snapped these photos for Anne to see as Little Kendal only stopped by, like a ‘pitt-stop’ on the racing circuit, to visit me so that I could get to meet her in person before she continued her long journey out to the US.


The last few photos were quickly taken to show a few ways in which her hair can be styled since she was only here for less than an hour before being re-packed and taken to the Post Office, then onto the airport to catch her flight to her new home and mummy.


The little white speck of dust has now been easily wiped away by Anne with a dampened cotton bud as I didn’t like to attempt it with her not being one of MY own dolls.


Wishing Little Kendal and Cerelia many happy years together filled with fun and laughter, adventures, new clothing and different hairstyles, photographs and many future treasured memories.


Extremely grateful thanks again to Sarah for her usual, wonderful help.


8 thoughts on “A Sasha Doll called ‘Little Kendal’

  1. Hello Kendal and Cerelia too,She is just so pretty,I am sure Cerelia will indeed love and treasure her,I can picture the picnics,fun on the swings in the park and trips out to places with little Kendal tucked under her arm,I do hope she keeps us updated with any adventures along the way!!! I feel really touched to have been included in the new life that awaits 'little Kendal'thank you so much xLoveChris xxP.S,love to Sarah W.too,what a star *

  2. Glad she has found a such good home. she had been abused and had orange felt pen over her mouth when she arrived, she was put up for sale by me to fund a single fringe girl.I was torn about selling her as she is so pretty but I have decided to be ruthless this year 🙂 I am sure she will be well loved 🙂

  3. Thank you for your beautifully written story of our "Little Kendal"… she is, indeed, a special little soul. From the moment she arrived… it has been nothing short of magic.This little treasure tot has captured our hearts. For me, it was love at first sight… she's perfect. My husband popped open a bottle of wonderful champagne and we toasted to Little Kendal… you know, she's a bit of a celebrity here…!!!Cerelia loves her… and has already picked out some very cool clothing from Dollydoodles…(Cerelia's favorite designer)… to make Little Kendal look fashionably trendy and ready to take on just about any adventure that comes along… which should be many considering we live in the country…!!!Thank you Kendal for helping me to find the most *awesome* little Sasha waif for my granddaughter to love and play with… you are fabulous!!! (Cerelia will be delighted with this blog post. Am quite certain you will get a very big smile!) Precious *quick* photos… and yes, she is just "oozing with character from her past."Thank you Sarah W. for your assistance.Hugs, -Annep.s. Thank you *Simply Sasha* for parting with her… purchasing a Sasha has never been so much fun… and her new little Mummy thanks you too!

  4. 'Orange felt pen on her lips indeed!' Poor little soul at her age.Thanks for yet another bit of infomation to add to her ever growing and interesting history. These delightful waif dolls are certainly survivers.Sasha love from Kendal.

  5. Wonderful photos of Little Kendal and it's so nice to learn of her journeys back and forth across the Pond. She is so very lovely and a real treat for Anne, Her DH, and her granddaughter and us too :).

  6. You're welcome! It is so nice to know she is bringing so much pleasure to you and Cerlia.The lady that owned her only cut her hair when she was a child as her sister promised her it would grow back 🙂 The lady later went on to become a hairdresser and trained at Vidal Sassoon in London!

  7. Many thanks for volunteering such marvelous information regarding Little Kendal's hair cut."Vidal Sassoon is a widely recognised British hair dresser, credited with creating a simple geometric, "Bauhaus-inspired" hair style, also called the bob."This is such a great story! -Anne

  8. What a cutie ‘ Little Kendal ‘ is… her bob style hair cut really suits her and you have shown its possible to style in many ways. Its lovely to know that she is going to have so much fun with Cerelia, (such a beautiful name.) Cathy x

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