Making amends and showing a 1966 Frido Developmental NP

This doll was the very first developmental NP that I added to my collection. Until then I had never taken to these dolls with the unique ‘silver’ eyebrows due to the original brown paint oxidising.


She was originally a Jeans girl and came in her brown cord jeans and white blouse and sandals but here she is wearing a Pinestreetstudio outfit with manufactured shoes and socks.


When I was chosing a doll from the Galt Toy factory (close to the Frido/Trendon one in Stockport) for my daughter’s second birthday gift there were six different dolls to select from. Firstly I eliminated the Ballet and Dungaree dolls as I wasn’t keen on their red hair. Then I dismissed this Jeans doll as didn’t care for the three-quarter length farmpants. Next to fall by the wayside was the Brown Cord girl since I didn’t think that the colour of her dress did anything for her blue eyes. So I was left to choose between the Blue Cord girl and the brunette Gingham, finally deciding and coming away with the latter.


Since buying her I have been very lucky to obtain examples of both the red and brunette developmental girls to stand besides her.
She has beautifully soft hair with a full centre part. Apologies for the usual fly-way stray hairs! Getting to be a trade mark of mine since I quite clearly don’t see them when taking the actual photographs, just when they appear in a large size on the computer screen and tghen it’s too late to rectify.


The reason that she isn’t wearing her beret is because I had just done her hair taking and securing the side pieces at the back and knew that pulling on her beret would mess it up.


More grateful thanks to Sarah.


5 thoughts on “Making amends and showing a 1966 Frido Developmental NP

  1. I absolutely LOVE these developmental girls… because they are so different… with their big round eyes and unique silver brows. I know their *look* is not for everyone. It gives me great pleasure to see your stunning blonde developmental girl Kendal… she is a rare beauty… and really tugs at my heart with her *unusual look*. She wears this adorable Pinestreestudio outfit confidently andthe colors compliment her coloring… I love the well worn antique tricycle that she is comtemplating riding… very cute.Thank you for photographing this enchanting girl… she's perfect!Thank you Sarah W. :)Hugs, -Annep.s. I have a developmental girl too… and she is the *crown jewel* in my Sasha collection… these girls have a certain *coolness*.

  2. Well what can I say, Anne has said it all really apart from the last sentence which I wish I could say I have one in my collection as well, but that is a long way off!I just love everything about her, her hair is beautiful and those eyes are beguiling. She really is a gem.

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