Practising for the 2012 UK Oylmpic Gymnastic’s display

Here is my 1966 Frido Ballet NP who is hoping to be chosen to take part in the 2012 UK Olympic gymnastic display about to start on one of her ribbon display practises.


She is wearing her new Dollydoodle pale peach gym ‘trackie’ with the gymnastic motif that arrived here today and commercially manufactured converses.


Unfortunately our Gymnastic ribbon display team didn’t make it into the competition as they missed by one point as one of the ribbons became knotted in the challenge. Such a great pity as these girls had delayed taking their A-level examinations until next year in order to take part in this event.




This is my favourite of this group of photos capturing her very pretty face and colouring.



A lovely upward pose here showing the delightfully machine embroidered motif. Please note how the ribbon matches the colour of the motif’s ribbon.



Huge thank you-s again to Sarah for her superb downloadings.


4 thoughts on “Practising for the 2012 UK Oylmpic Gymnastic’s display

  1. Kendal, this little girl is so very beautiful! What an amazing face :). Her pink outfit looks so nice with her lovely red hair. The ribbon is a perfect accent to imagine her in the Olympics :). Thank you!

  2. Just gorgeous, beautiful expression and eyes. Such a shame our girls didn't make it into the Olympic team. I just love the gymnastics. I used to do it when I was young…goodness knows how now though! Her outfit is delightful and just perfect as well.

  3. Superb photos Kendal, you’ve captured the movement so well and your redhead is just so dreamy! Love the large photos of her face, a real treat to see her eyes close up. Cathy x

  4. "Beauty in motion"Beautiful Frido NP redhead! She has the *ohmygosh* face paint… with a pony-tail hairdo that is perfect for hours of practicing her ribbon routines.Wearing a darling peachy-keen Dollydoodles gym *trackie* for comfort and movability… allowing this little athlete *style* wherever she goes.Fab photos Kendal… love the motion your camera captured…!!!Thank you Sarah W. ;)Hugs, -Anne

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