A slight fringe adjustment and

a new Boxing Day doll

I was passing by this 1970 wide faced Gingham girl standing on the bookshelves in the spare bedroom and thinking that her fringe is always rather square looking (see first photo) so I decided to grab a hair slide and clip part of it back off her face as shown in the next but one photo.Photobucket

I think that it gives her a much softer overall facial look, don’t you agree?Photobucket


This is a new Frido wide faced waif that arrived here on Boxing Day. Her hair had been badly trimmed but Brenda Walton took her in hand and made her presentable as I loved her facial look. I have clipped her ‘far too short’ fringe back until I decide just what to do with it. Not the most flattering of slide colours I know but just getting an overall effect as to whether to have some re-rooting done to the fringe or just wig her.Photobucket

She has dressed herself in a Phyllis G. polo necked shirt, (already here as part of another outfit) and a checked wool pinafore that came here on another doll. Manufactured socks and Lisa Hartley sandals.Photobucket


Photos downloaded by Sarah Williams. Many thanks as always Sarah.


4 thoughts on “A slight fringe adjustment and

  1. I have to confess to preferring your 1970 WF Gingham with her fringe down ;-)I would also like to see photos of your pretty little waif without her fringe pinned back as well, although I can see it is pretty short, does it stick up? She looks quite lovely.

  2. I think your wide face 70s girl has very nice straight fringe and she would probably look good with her hair in bunches… otherwise known over here in the USA as *pig-tails*… with ribbons… it would offer you another *look*. I think the slide in her hair… which does not bother me… looks like she just got off the playground after going on all the equipment… swings and such… and had a really good time… lol! Very little girls-y.Your new Frido waif is absolutely stunning… what a face!!! Those wide face girls are quite *SPECIAL* in my opinion. I think she would look cute in hats… berets and such until you decide to re-root her bangs. I like her short hair and that could always be shaped by a professional stylist after her re-root, if you wish. Since I don't own a wigged doll I feel unqualified to comment… but have seen some lovely wigged Sashas and that would certainly be another option. So many choices… it's your callDarling girls… and Congratulations on your *new* wide face… she's a beauty, for sure, and an excellent choice.Thank you for the photos and allowing us, your blog-followers, to offer you our thoughts.Hugs, -Anne

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