Christmas present outfits….

Still struggling to find the time to dress some of my dolls in the Christmas present outfits that I was so kindly given but hopefully at the weekend things might be a little less busy and much quieter as I’m off for my monthly Arthritic hospital check ups tomorrow and a little food shopping before taking the decorations down on Friday from my bungalow, my parent’s grave and their previous home.

Holly, a crude yellow eyed 1960s Gotz waif decided that she would wear a smocked ‘Frocks and Socks’ dress by Jill Mackley with JJ sandals and commercially made socks.


I’m thinking that there is too much ribbon here. Needs cutting in half.


She is holding a cute little 1950s Teddy that Steve gave my Brood for Christmas. Many thanks Steve. They have called him Little King.


Close up of Jill’s absolutely gorgeous smocking.



My ‘Minty’ large headed Gotz slate eyed girl who originally came in a Gotz box. I just love her sulky expression. It is very similar to one of Sarah William’s Gotz waif dolls with cut blonde hair that I so love.


One of the slides that Jill gave me at one time.


She chose to wear a Pinestreetstudio outfit but I think that she needs to be wearing some Ruthsdolls boots instead of these commercially made shoes and definitely wants her tights hitching up.



3 thoughts on “Christmas present outfits….

  1. Pretty girl with gorgeous smocked outfit.Good luck with your hospital appointment tomorrow Kendal, hope all goes well.Sounds like you are going to be busy taking down your decorations everywhere. I took ours down today as I have my first lidocaine infusion early Friday morning at Queens Square hospital in London and am not sure how I will feel afterwards.

  2. The always *adorable* Holly… who looks good in anything… but especially in this Jill Mackley smocked dress. Love the length on this dress… as it shows those beautiful Sasha legs that I am so fond of. Love the simple piping neck trim and just-right gathered cap-ish sleeves. I must admit I LOVE the overall proportions of this dress and would love to get my hands on one! The color of the shoes and socks are perfect and *Little King* looks like a treasure from childhood… totally sweet!Your large head Gotz w/her pouty protruding lips has a very special presence. Her striped tights, although needing a wee bit of hitching, are cute and your boot idea would be a great look here on this little cupcake.Thank you for these pics… lovely Gotz dolls.Good luck at your annual hospital check-ups. Yes, time to take down all the Christmas decorations at home and elsewhere. I, too, am waiting for the Epiphany (January 6th… Western tradition) to pack things up.Hugs, -Anne

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