Wish me luck….

… as I’m now trying on my own for the second time to add more of the ‘enlarged’ photos from Photobucket.

Belle, a 1970 Gregor customised by Shelly with Mabel Lucy Attwell eye style painting and a Global Cosette wig ( unfortunately now discontinued.) Belle has chosen a simple smock styled dress in brushed cotton by Karensyarn with Ruthsdolls distressed boots and manufactured socks.

This 1970 very pretty Trendon blonde Gingham girl with two-toned beautifully soft hair has chosen to wear a dress made and given to me for my 70th birthday by Jill Mackley (Frocks and Socks) with manufactured socks and JJ sandals.

A Trendon wide faced Gingham girl with eyes enhanced a little by Shelly to cover their slight greening wearing a complete OOAK outfit by Ruthsdolls.

Another wide faced Trendo Gingham girl wearing yet another OOAK outfit by Ruthsdolls in brushed cotton.

When I missed buying Belle from Shelly’s website I sent this 1972 Trendon doll and a dark brown Global Cosette wig down to her to try to replicate Belle and this was the result. She has chosen to wear a vintage-sasha outfit with Pinestreetstudio socks and manufactured shoes.

Apologies for the different sized font and the positions of the descriptions with regards to the photos but this is due to whether I wrote them actually in Photobucket or on the blog itself. Will hopefully rectify this on the next new post.


5 thoughts on “Wish me luck….

  1. Great pictures Kendal. I love your girls in their outfits, it's so nice to see other peoples girls and their clothing.Looks like you have got the hang of the big photo's now

  2. SUPER PHOTOS!I never tire of looking at your Sashas! You have such BEAUTIFUL girls and with this *big picture* format viewing them is better than ever. LOVE the pertinent information you provide regarding each *beauty* listed.Hugs, -Anne

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