My Christmas Doll and I wish you all a very Happy Christmas

She is a special 1966 Frido Developemental girl who originally came straight from the factory in a brown cord dress instead of the usual Gingham and was up for sale at a toy fair in her box which was was officially labelled brunette/Brown Cord.
I have called her Noelle in honour of Christmas.


She is seen here in a Lama Coat designed and knitted by Rosie Shortell and given to me for my 70th birthday, Dollydoodle leggings and JJ red long boots.
Many thanks Sarah for re-sizing and downloading this photo. I’m hoping that this will be the last time that I shall have to bother you with this task as my daughter is going to try again at teaching me how to do it.


7 thoughts on “My Christmas Doll and I wish you all a very Happy Christmas

  1. Is this one 'Noelle 2' your last year's doll was called Noelle as well wasn't she? Pretty doll when I saw her for sale in the summer I knew she would get snapped up quickly!Sarah x

  2. You must have been a *very good girl* for Father Christmas to bring you such a beautiful Sasha!I absolutely *adore* her! The 1966 Developmental girls are my *favorite* Sashas… love the shape of their eyes. Enjoy your new Christmas confection… and give her a hug for me. Her outfit is especially nice for this beautiful Christmas day… gorgeous lama sweater, coordinating leggings and red boots with those sweet little side buckles… a *great look*! Hugs, -Anne

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