Now finished decorating the house

My daughter bought me this TWIG Tree a few years ago after I had begun to struggle with selecting, bringing home, trimming and preparing and putting it into it’s stand then decorating a real Norway Conifer tree that I so like on account of their scent that delightfully fills the room. Will take some photos of it lit up when I have worked out which plug from the TV, Freeview box, DVD player and old video recorder I can do without on the too full at the moment plugs and adapter.


There are still a few more presents to put under it but they haven’t been photographed as it was very wet and rather dull today in my conservatory where I take the photos just using natural light.


Close up of the twigs and baubles.


The decorated mantelpiece. (Will see if I can take a better photo tomorrow.)


The gold wreath above the nest of tables between the lounge and dining areas. (Please notice in this and in the next few photos how well the Sasha girls have dressed themselves ready for the 25th.)


Close up of the wreath that does from the looks of things needs a little adjustment to one or two of the flowers and leaves. Will hopefully get around to it later.


The wrought iron candelabra in the corner of the dining area that likes to have a little bit of decoration at Christmas.


Close up of the top half.


The Victorian Kissing Bunch by the front door. Unfortunately it looks as though it is drying out a little too quickly. Might leave it out in the rain over night to freshen up.


The weather has been so warm this year that the Geranuims in the chimney pots by the front door are still flowering.


Just need now to tie the mistletoe up in the hall and set the dining table.
My sincere thanks as usual to Sarah W for re-sizing and listing these photos.


4 thoughts on “Now finished decorating the house

  1. What a delight to see your LOVELY *holiday* home!I love the stylistic simplicity of a TWIG tree, and yours looks exceptional with the gold and silver decorations. The presents tucked beneath look quite *desirable*!(You even have a gold and silver stocking hanging… nice!)The girls did a wonderful job dressing themselves in such pretty holiday dresses… I can only imagine how anxious they must be for the *big day*!Thank you for these photos… very beautiful and inspiring… loved each and everyone! Hugs, -Anne

  2. Everything is decorated so beautifully. I love twig tree, it is very elegant indeed. The girls have certainly done well with their choice of Christmas dresses and look gorgeous as usual.

  3. Kendal, I love your twig tree too! All of the girls look festive in their outfits and thank you so very much for sharing photos of your lovely home. Merry Christmas!!!!!

  4. A Sasha friend emailed this to me privately…'Thank you so much for inviting us into your lovely home, Kendal. I so enjoyed the visit. And your girls did a super job of dressing themselves and each other.I know it must be a pain (literally) for you to fiddle with all that picture-taking. I do so enjoy the results, and am very grateful.Merry Christmas!Kindest regards.'

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