More presents, Chon’s bag and a visit from Father Christmas on his sleigh

These next four photos show different views of my presents to my five grand nephews and nieces.




This is the Ted Baker bag for my daughter that I forgot to photo in the last post. Originally her presents were meant to fit into this but I got carried away with the wrappings! When my sister came over yesterday she was thrilled with the way that I have wrapped and decorated Chon’s gifts that she is going to do her daughter’s in a similar fashion but will be using some superb plain black boxes that she already has alternatively with the black paper with silver trees.


Have wrapped three presents like this to give to friends.


We had a delightful interruption to the present wrapping last night with the sound of sleigh bells announcing the arrival of Father Christmas to our cul-de-sac so I quickly grabbed my camera abd the nearest Sasha and went to meet him.



Bye-bye for now Santa Claus. Hopefully you’ll visit us on Christmas Eve.



3 thoughts on “More presents, Chon’s bag and a visit from Father Christmas on his sleigh

  1. I love the misty type look to the last Santa photo, adds an air of 'magic' to it. ๐Ÿ˜‰ We had Santa and his sleigh visit us last night as well, took some photos, but didn't think of taking a Sasha out with me…what a shame.

  2. Kendal,With these photos you have allowed me, and others, to peek into your Christmas… what fun!The whimsical birdie paper with bright green curling ribbon, the chocolate polar bears/reindeers and party bubbles are *perfect* choices for the younger ones on your gift list.Chon's shopping bag is stylish and practical.And, to finish it off… Father Christmas making an appearance in the neighborhood… now that's way cool! Quick thinking to grab your camera and a Sasha. Thank you for the timely photos. Hugs, -Anne

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