Winter Wonderland outing Part 3

A Trendon customised by Shelly baby girl enjoying her time in a wooden lantern (that she thinks is her own personal little Summer house.) She is wearing a beautifully knitted in Alpaca wool outfit be Cuddlelugs and original Trendon baby Playsuit shoes.

My 1967 bobbed haired NP posing in her Dollydoodle outfit (Polo shirt by Pinestreetstudios) and JJ’s long red boots by a Christmas wreath decorated front door. (Seeing this every Christmas I feel like I would like to paint my dull brown front door a bright and welcoming red but each December flies by without me even buying the paint!)


Love the way that this niche in the wall has been decorated so that it looks rather like a picture hanging on the wall.


Really wanted to remove the Christmas Snowman character in the background and replace it with my Sasha… but I always promise NOT to disturb the displays whilst photographing.


Another of my Frido NPs featured in the Winter Wonderland icicle corner.


She is wearing Dollydoodle warm and comfortable leisure wear, apart from another Pinestreetstudio Polo shirt, and JJ snowboots.


This little train and track was situated a little too high in my opinion to be fully appreciated by the children… but guessing the floor space was at a minimum.


Luckily I was able to stretch up and let this baby admire it a little closer.


Usual much appreciated thanks to Sarah for her brilliant large format listings.


3 thoughts on “Winter Wonderland outing Part 3

  1. Wonderful! Getting us into the Christmas spirit now as always Kendal and I was just wondering whether to paint my white door red too!Great minds etc…What a beautiful baby in the summer house lantern.I have just so enjoyed seeing my nieces and nephews again in these shots! xx

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