Winter Wonderland Visit Part 2

My 1960s pale skinned, slate eyed Gotz girl enjoying a ride on one of the Three Wise Men’s camels. (I’m wondering if her ride was smoother than mine a few years ago in Cyprus…. though I’m sure that it will have been as she is neatly perched in the soft neck crevice whilst I was seated on top of the hump!)

My Trendon early re-rooted baby sitting on a little red and white spotted toadstool.


Be careful that you don’t fall off as the top is quite smooth and rounded so nothing to grip onto!


A huge Christmas Tree decorated with large Teddies.(Do you remember that they were displayed on a children’s slide last year?)Can you spot the Sasha baby?


Baby Sasha enjoying a bear hug.


1969 Frido boy Luke (a risk purchase off eBay!) on another of these Reindeers made from inter-twinned twigs that seem to be all the rage this season.


Luke is wearing a Dollydoodle navy/white stripped hoodie, white T shirt, navy joggers, beanie hat and commercially made converses.


From spikey twigs to soft fur. This Reindeer was featured last year pulling Sasnta’s sleigh but is here now in a delightfu Winter Scene.


My 1967 Frido NP demands her turn to sit on him. (Remember dear that your stringing is a little on the lose side so be very careful NOT to fall off.) She is dressed in Dollydoodle wear, Pinestreetstudio Polo-shirt plus JJ boots.


My eternal thanks to Sarah yet again for the superb sized photo listings.


3 thoughts on “Winter Wonderland Visit Part 2

  1. Needless to say, the first picture is just dazzling! Too cute!My… baby in red certainly has a good sense of mushroom balance… and looks very *incognito* in that tree of teddy bears! Thank you Kendal for letting the kids play a little longer and getting such great pics of them! And, did you go out for hot cocoas afterwards?Hugs, -Anne

  2. The poor reindeer looks as though he's got slight antler problems – hope he's not too self-conscious about this. I suspect baby sahsa is really a spy! She'd fit well into a Rupert Bear story – 'Rupert and the Sasha spy'

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