A few of us went on our annual pilgrimage…

… to the garden centre but we were rather disappointed in that there were very few displays this year…..that we could be photographed by. No doubt due to the recession and the fact that they are not expecting people to re-new their Christmas decorations this year… but we did our best.

Here is a Frido 1966 brunette NP Gingham girl trying out these twig Reindeer for size. She is wearing Doddlydoodle leggings and anorak over a Pinestreetstudio Polo jumper and JJ snow boots.


A 1969 Gotz No-navel wearing a Doddlydoodle purple hoodie over lilac spotted leggings and converses admiring the surrounding Winter scene.


A 1960s pale skinned slate-eyed Gotz girl with one of the new for this year LED Penguins.


She is wearing a Dollydoodle Aubergine Hoodie and lilac leggings with UGG boots.


A 1970s Trendon baby Nightdress that I sent to Lisa Hartley to have her falling hair re-rooted. She is seen here admiring the ‘new for this year’ baby seal balancing a ball on the tip of his nose.


…and now having a quick sit on one of the LED Reindeers in her Sashawardrobe baby fleece, little ear-flap hat knitted by Christine Durand and tights from The Doll Works.


One of the lads sporting Dollydoodle leisure wear and a gilet
(unknown seamstress) and converses. Love the side view of the Penguin.

Now he is standing by a wall mounted LED Chritmas Tree, great to have where floor space is limited.


I have divided these photos into three sections to be listed over the next week
My thanks once again to Sarah Williams for her fantastically large formatted photos.


3 thoughts on “A few of us went on our annual pilgrimage…

  1. Hi Kendal,Thank you so much for this post… it put me in the *holiday spirit*… let the celebration begin! Adorable photos with the Sashas in a Winter Wonderland. Hugs, -Anne

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