One of the latest dolls to join my Sasha Brood.

Full length. One of the latest dolls to arrive here. She is a 1973/4 ‘customised by Shelly’ Trendon doll sporting a Monique Kara-Lynn light Strawberry Blonde wig.

Closer. Her outfit in brushed cotton is an early smock style dress by Karensyarn. I have added manufactured navy socks and Ruthsdolls distressed boots to give her a slightly Victorian look.


Slightly closer. I am planning to style her hair in side bunches to see what that looks like but just couldn’t at the time locate some thin ribbons amongst my ribbon box. Will hopefully add one later on.

A close up facial photo to show her eye painting. As many of you know I’m very partial to the customised waifs and these are the dolls that I take ‘out and about’ and have the most fun with me.



8 thoughts on “One of the latest dolls to join my Sasha Brood.

  1. She is really lovely Kendal, I love her eyes and her wig is gorgeous, really suits her. Now having a customised by Shelly Sasha, thanks to Margaret, I feel very lucky as she does the eyes beautifully indeed!Hope you had a good week, 🙂

  2. What a little poppet ~ Shelly is so very talented and I love the soft hair colour that goes perfectly with her outfit….beautiful as ever Kendal, Jackie x

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